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Working with Team of Developers, Serious Management Challenge

We continue the series related to web development business. The first in the list was "Customer Communication and Education". Today's topic cover another angle of web development business - How to manage your web developers and build a strong team. I am an SEO professional for more than a decade, though along the way, I've picked up many things related to web development. After first few years as SEO practitioner, I've decided to become a capable web developer. Through the rest of my career, I've managed different teams of developers as IT team leader or project manager. Via trial and error, after several years and working with many people, I think that I've picked few “golden” strategies, after started to understand some behavior patterns. Before I continue, I definitely have to say that every team leader need to be balanced and at the same time to be very flexible. Every individual is different and some strategies might not work 100%, after all building a good team is time consuming. Discover Weaknesses and Keep Them Motivated Being personal with your team is “double-edge sword”, there are many pros and cons, though knowing your team personally is essential. It will help you to...
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