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Tuicool Continue Stealing Contents from Dzone and Other Popular Websites

A while ago, I've discovered that a lot of blog posts from WebmaisterPro have been duplicated by Chinese website tuicool.com.About few months ago, I've submitted copyright infringement to DMCA and Google, but in 2014 nothing have changed and TuiCool continues to duplicate our content. Most of my links submitted to Dzone.com portal have crawled and duplicated 100% by TuiCool.com. How to Deal Content Theft? I wish there is an easy answer to this question, unfortunately there isn't. One of the ways to deal with content theft is to submit copyright removal request at Google's DMCA-Dashboard. The second option is to submit DMCA request to the hosting company. Though it this case with TuiCool the host is based in China in there copyright issues doesn't mean anything, however still waiting for reply from ocn.net.cn . I've also submitted a question to Google Webmaster's Help and let's hope that TuiCool will be deindexed completely. I hope that Dzone will try to find a solution of this problem and somehow blog TuiCool from scraping the RSS. I bet, that If I submit this link to Dzone, they will steal the content again! Await updates on this post!
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