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Annoying Social Media SPAM

This isn't a new trends, but certainly it is getting more and more annoying and prominent to be contacted in Facebook of Google Hangouts chat by somebody that try to offer your something. If I can recall, I wrote an article regarding SPAM very recently, though compared to today, levels of SPAM were almost nothing. SPAM on Facebook and Google Plus And then there was chat! It is not a JOKE, since the beginning of 2014, I got contacted by the “dream team” - Michal Jordan from India, Kobe Bryant from Pakistan and Charles Barkley from Yemen. All of them are SEO gurus with few months of experience or web developers that have HTML2.1 websites. The old song! “thr, pls like this page ….” No thanks! SPAM reported! Every single day there are at least 20 request of people to join WebmaisterPro group on Facebook, but the interesting part is that profiles are either created a week ago or doesn't display any personal information or photographs excepts “company” website link and company logo as avatar. Though, it is stated clearly that group doesn't want Facebook page link exchanges, on daily basis one new member get banned, simply because haven't learned to...
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