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The Realities of Employee Compliance with BYOD Rules

Bring your own device (BYOD) has been growing in popularity in recent years. In the workplace, BYOD essentially allows employees to use personal devices for company purposes. This practice has become so widespread that some even predict it will become mandatory by approximately half of employers by the year 2017. This is especially true for midsize and larger enterprises (2,500-5,000 employees) where the practice is more prevalent. While many point to the benefits of such a system, which include greater employee freedom and potential reduces cost to the company, others emphasize the risks, mainly in the realm of security. Much of the success of a BYOD system lies in the hands of the employees themselves. If employees are careful and diligent in following rules that minimize risk, security becomes less of a problem. However, there is evidence to suggest that many employees may not be willing to comply. Young people don’t follow the rules Recent research shows that the younger generation of employees (age 21 to 32), including those who are now just entering the workforce, are resistant to BYOD security policies. Researchers took a survey of 3,200 employees at this age and found that 51 percent were willing to ignore...
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