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Advanced WordPress Comment Management Through SQL

Without a doubt WordPress is the most popular PHP based CMS. Additionally WordPress offer the most popular commenting system, however due to popularity, commenting system is abused by spammers. It is not a secret that WordPress based websites and blogs leave a lot of footprints, that are used by spammers. Actually some of these footprints are integrated into some of the black hat spam applications like ScrapeBox or simply can be used with Google as advanced search operators. There are number of anti-spam extensions that can reduce levels of spam like Akismet, GASP, integrating captcha images, etc... However bulk deleting or deleting comments from particular name, date, URL, etc can be very difficult and I don't think that there is plug-in that can do this job. In this article, I will review some advanced techniques that can assist you with some time consuming tasks – deleting comments directly from database. IMPORTANT! Before you try any of these, please back-up your database, in case something go wrong! Your database may use different prefix, in our example we are using the default “wp_”, replace the prefix to match your database prefix. Delete All SPAM Comment Yes, there is in-build function of WordPress to...
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