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WebmaisterPro Looking for Co-Founder or Investor

Hi WebmaisterPro friends! Almost 3 years since WebmaisterPro project have started! A lot of on-go testing and strategies have been implemented during this time and I personally think that it is time to find co-founder of WebmaisterPro.WebmaisterPro is Looking for Co-Founder/Partner There are few features that are on the list of "to come", but unfortunately budget is limited. WebmaisterPro is seriously looking for co-founder or investors that are interested to become part of management. This is serious proposal for serious people only. This web project holds huge potential since day 1, though during most of the time, I have been one man band. Change of Business ModelUnfortunately this non-commercial model can not continue any longer and WebmaisterPro is slowly moving to different business model. In the next couple of months, we will introduce different levels of premium membership.This step is related to reducing web spam, especially in our webmaster's blog. If you are interested to become co-founder or investor in this challenge, please contact me. I will be able to provide you with more details regarding business plan and ROI. Kind regards,KalFounder and CEO, WebmaisterPro
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