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Your Own Social Network. Start Project on the Right Foot

Many companies and individuals have fell into trap of the rising trends related to developing own social networks. Following dreams of success without proper planning, technical skills and knowing what does it take equals to wasted efforts, money and time. Probably before you try build your own social network, you should start with you first successful web project or even just a blog. You can learn how to be successful online with the following article - Brief Overview of Successful Blogging. Without going into details related to technical part of developing your own social network, I will try to explain the first steps of taking the challenge and start the project on a “right foot”. Just scratching the surface of critical areas that will build strong foundations of web social network project. Planning Stage Planning involves a lot of knowledge and team work. A great idea, even unique isn't enough. Social science is extremely complicated and the fact that your unique idea doesn't have any competitors, doesn't automatically mean that project will be successful. Briefly every web project should be looked like any other business, a lot of the basics related to off-line business strategies apply with full power: Knowing your...
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