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Interview with David Leonhardt - The Happy Guy

I am happy to introduce David Leonhardt a.k.a.The Happy Guy Marketing - journalist, writer, blogger, social media marketer, etc... Successful professional, well recognized in his field, in addition good friend of WebmaisterPro.   David, would you introduce yourself with few sentences?   My background is in public affairs - media relations and consumer advocacy - but I've been a freelance writer and promoter for the past decade. I run The Happy Guy Marketing.   Dave, without stepping into your personal space, would you share what drives your creativity?   Electricity, of a sort... What I mean is, when I can put ideas together, I feel a charge and I get motivated and passionate. That applies equally when planning an article or blog post, or when I am planning a promotional campaign. Sort of like Dr. Who, just not as cocky.   Does it require courage to be article writer, blogger and Internet marketer?   It takes courage or stupidity or both to take a leap of faith and jump out on your own. The fact is that when I did it, my goal was actually to become a motivational speaker. I had my book and I had become a DTM (the...
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