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Creating an IT Policy for BYOD

Technology has maneuvered its way into almost all aspects of people's lives. From shopping to staying connected with loved ones to helping businesses flourish, there is no denying the technological area of the 21st century is booming now more than ever. So, what exactly does this mean for small businesses and large corporations? Does it mean every employee now needs a handheld mobile device? Many business experts say yes to this question, and they believe a great way to go about doing this is by implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy. What Exactly is BYOD? Through a BYOD security policy, workers are allowed to bring their own devices to work and use them for business-related purposes. This of course means it is the responsibility of the workers to provide their selves with such devices. Because of this, lower-level workers tend to have cheaper equipment, while high-earning salary workers take advantage of today's most modern devices. No matter the devices used, there are benefits gained. From increased productivity to enhanced worker satisfaction, the benefits of BYOD are far and wide, and more importantly, BYOD is helping businesses to increase their profit levels. Creating a BYOD Policy When companies choose to...
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