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8 Billion Dollar Companies that Display Great Examples of Web Design and Marketing Principles

Looking for inspiration for your website design or redesign? Maybe even a few more conversions or just a better user experience for your traffic? Where better to turn than to the websites of today's most successful corporations. Billion-dollar companies have the means and resources to stay on top of quality web designtoday's best web design and marketing principles. Luckily, your company doesn't have to be raking in billions per year to take advantage of them. 

If you ever need help or have any questions about what you should do for your website, analyzing companies who did it right is a great way to get started. Billion dollar companies will still have flaws and weaknesses. They aren't perfect, but they do some things really good and that's how they get to where they are today. Pay attention to these 8 companies and maybe you'll understand!

  1. Walmart.com - No matter which page you're on while visiting Walmart's website, you can always find your way back to the shopping cart. Just click on the shopping cart icon on the header at the top. A prominent shopping cart reduces confusion and helps move people along through the shopping process. Walmart has a very impressive search engine built into their website, making it easy for you to find what you want. They do a great job informing you of their best deals from the moment you land on the site, until the moment you leave. If you have a web store with a massive quantity of products this would be an ideal site to pay attention too.
  2. Honda.com - This site is a standout for immediately displaying the best offers and deals on the main page. In other words, get to the point. Don't make people click around endlessly to find out what you have to offer. The design of the website is nothing extravagant, but it’s trustworthy and most importantly it doesn’t interfere or distract the user from their experience on the website. One another great thing Honda does is they display the miles-per-gallon on the car model home page. They market what makes them great, right in front of your face. Hondas create-your-own car experience is simple, and if they get the approval to sell cars online one day they will be ready to go.
  3. Apple.com - Apple's main product categories are elegantly displayed across the top of the main page. The best part is they only have 8 tabs across the top. It’s simple and there’s less clutter, making the website simple to use, very trustworthy, and professional. This ensures that people know where to click to find what they need, and it also opens up the possibility of making them aware of products that didn't realize they wanted in the first place! One other great thing about Apple is how the design of their website complements the brands identity, this helps sell the quality of the products, which is everything Apple stands for.
  4. PharmanexScanner.com by Nu Skin - Drop-down menus with suggested search queries help to locate specific products in record time. The less hoops your customers have to jump through to find what they need, the likelier they are to actually make purchases. Nu Skin has one of the most impressive chats built into their website, helping customers immediately while they’re on the website.
  5. Toyota.com - Immediately upon arriving on the main page of this site, you're presented with huge, dramatic images of the company's top products: cars. Showcasing your best products in this way helps to solidify your company's branding, and it also helps to get people excited about making purchases through your website. They do a great job with the back-drop design, making each car display a little more personality. The slideshow on the main page is not distracting because it keeps the viewer focused in on their best cars and deals.
  6. Costco.com - People are always looking for special deals, and Costco excels by providing prominent links to its warehouse offers. There's also a form that allows visitors to quickly and easily sign up for special offers via email. Costco has a very long homepage, similar to sites like eBay.com and Amazon.com. Costco has very detailed product descriptions, for thousands of products that’s not easy to do.  For a membership focused company they do a great job online.
  7. CVS.com - The drugstore chain knows the importance of personalization, and it's reflected by the prominent links and forms for signing in to existing accounts and for creating new accounts. CVS is not known for their online presence, because they’re designed to be a local drugstore. However, CVS does a really great job with their store locator tool, it helps users find the store that would best fit their needs. They also help customers order their drugs, in a simple and efficient manner, where even your grandma will know what she’s doing on their website.
  8. Verizon.com - People who arrive on the main site for this communications behemoth are instantly given three quick and easy options: wireless, residential or business. By showing people how to proceed, you reduce the risk of them heading for greener pastures. Once they proceed the customer is given a direct path to find what they’re looking for.
All of these websites have a few things in common. One important thing they do is they give the user a better experience, whether if it’s the chat box, or the search engine built into the site, it helps the customer. By observing how billion dollar companies do things online you can really learn some impressive web marketing principles.
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