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8 Ways to Enhance Customer Service Via Social Media

This is a good time to engage with your customers as a business owner. Social media networking opens us immense possibilities and opportunities for you to promote your offerings. Here's how:

1. Engage your customers

Just like you create a profile for your personal contacts, you should create a profile for your business. Post interesting content regularly on this profile - content that is attractive and appealing to your customers. Study the habits and demographic profile of your customers, and post content accordingly.

It is also a good idea to have a planned strategy for posting content. Work out a schedule for your updates well in advance. This will help you keep up a regular pace for posting content on your business profile.

2. Write attractive blog content

Blogging platforms such as Wordpress can be used to provide updates to clients and suppliers about your business. Another idea is to create a forum on your website where your customers can post their opinions and discuss their thoughts. Take part in online networking forums, start threads relevant to your business, and comment on people's blogs. This will draw attention to you and your business.

3. Request feedback

If you encourage your customers to provide feedback on your products and services, it will help you see where you're possibly going wrong and what can be improved. By this method, you can give your customers exactly what they want.

You can use websites such as www.twtpoll.com to develop a survey for your followers on Twitter. You can also ask your friends and followers on Facebook to "like" your page and critique various aspects of your business.

4. Give responses to feedback

Keep track of all the responses that you receive from your social media platforms. Sort through the comments and categorize them as either suggestions or complaints. Deal with the complaints quickly and efficiently, since untended complaints tend to snowball into unnecessarily big issues. Use the suggestions you receive to improve your processes and update your business.

5. Monitor feedback received on the Web

You need to be aware of what customers are saying about you on the World Wide Web. Use programs such as Google analytics or efficient search engines to find such instances. Fix anything negative being said about you quickly by rectifying the problem.

6. Monitor competitor's actions                                         

Keep tabs on what the competition is doing. Customers often post reviews about the products they purchase and use on various websites. Scan these sites carefully and pay attention to what is being said about your competitors as well as you. If you find your competitors catching on to a new trend, perhaps you should, too, in case you get left behind.

7. Tackle negative feedback immediately

If you are well-engaged with your viewers and customers, you are less likely to make PR mistakes. If you do receive serious complaints, look into it thoroughly and investigate all angles of the matter. Get in touch with the customer directly. Apologize and offer a solution, if the error has occurred due to your negligence.

8. Provide answers to repeatedly-asked questions

If you find your customers asking the same questions again and again, try to figure out why. Work on changing your processes in such a way that clients no longer feel the need to ask those questions. However, if you find that you cannot change your processes for some reason, go ahead and add a "Frequently Asked Questions" page on your website. This page should feature all the questions that your customers have been repeatedly asking.

An even better way to engage your customers and get their trust is to post videos. Create a video for each question and using a combination of images, text and voice, attempt to answer the question as comprehensively as possible. Being able to see every nuance of your expressions will make it easier for customers to believe in you.

If you are, however, the sort that quakes at the thought of standing in front of the camera and speaking a few words, you can think of creative ways to fill up the video while providing your voice only. Ensure that the clips and images are bright and animated, so that they capture your customer's attention.


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