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10 Rocking Image Optimization Plug-ins For a Speedy Website

A website without images would look boring. However, if you go for non-optimized images, it will considerably slow down the website and hamper the user experience. A great solution to deal with this issue is optimization of the images which helps your website in speedy loading and also proves Image-Optimization.pngbeneficial for SEO.

In order to optimize the images and boost the user experience, many plug-ins are available which can reduce the image size and also boost the SEO. This indeed frees you from the trouble of high resolution images which come with a large file size and slow down the loading speed of the page.

Let us look into the top 10 image optimization plug-ins which will visibly boost your site’s loading time.

  • CW Image Optimizer
CW Image Optimizer is another plug-in that effectively and automatically optimizes the images as you are uploading them to your website. This plug-in can also optimize the images that are previously uploaded. The CW Image Optimizer makes use of the image optimization tools pertaining to Linux littleutils. This implies that your images would never leave the server.
  • PB Responsive Images
PB Responsive Images is capable of automatically reformatting all of your images and turn them into a format that is similar to the picture tag devised on w3.org by the Responsive Images Community Group.
Every image is reformatted on the basis of standard CSS media queries as well as SLIR query pairs, rendering increasing flexibility in the range of query amalgamation. Moreover, the plug-in comes with shortcodes which help to customize the queries utilized for every image, along with helper functions which enable customization of queries utilized for every post or layout.
  • BJ Lazy Load
BJ Lazy Load allows the lazy load of selected images, which includes thumbnails and post images, iFrames and Gravatar images. The plug-in can also replace content by a placeholder. BJ Lazy Load possesses certain simple settings that make room forcustomizing the way in which the plug-in works, such as selection of a placeholder as well as skipping images with classes.
This plug-in re-sizes and optimizes images, providing scaled down images for responsive websites. It also automatically renders hiDPI images for hiDPI screens.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
With more than three hundred thousand downloads to its credit, E WWW Image Optimizer is designed to run automatically.This image optimizer optimizes the images while uploading them to the website, and also optimizes those images that are already uploaded.
Besides this, you can effortlesslygo for conversion of images to file formats which are comparatively smaller in size. The plug-in makes use of the gifsicle, pngout, opting, pngquant and jpegtran image tools which optimize the images while keeping the quality intact. With EWWW Image Optimizer, you get the benefits of faster loading web pages, faster backups, better PNG optimization, less bandwidth usage as well as convenient and super-fast installation.
  • WP Smush.IT
Maintained and managed by WPMU DEV, WP Smush.it optimizes images through individual compression in the Media Library or bulk compression from Media menu present in WordPress Admin. Through integration of WordPress with Smush.it API, the plug-in is able to trim down extra data from JPEGs, convert GIFs to PNGs, optimize compression of JPEG, and removeun-used colors from the indexed images. The plug-in can optimize existing images as well as those you are adding.
  • Hammy
This plug-in is the perfect choice if you intend to provide an experience of optimized images across manifold devices, specifically mobile phones. Hammy does not cut down the size of the images, but gets hold of images from your pages and posts, following which some smaller images are generated. Once a visitor lands at your website, Hammy serves the most suitable image automatically, thereby rendering an enhanced user experience.
The plug-in is based on jQuery, but if the same is not available, Hammy will move towards the original image. Hammy is able to grab metadata along with alt and title attributes pertaining to the original image, and this is a great advantage. However, the plug-in is not able toprovide support to custom post types and involves a lot of time for configuration.
  • SEO Friendly Images
SEO Friendly Images serves to edit every image with appropriate ALT and TITLE attributes so that SEO can be powered up. If your images are not having ALT and TITLE already set, the plug-inincorporates them in accordance with the options that are set.
Now the point is, whether it is good to use ALT and TITLE attributes? The answer is yes. The ALT attribute provides description of your images to the search engines, while TITLE appears automatically within the tool tip as the user hovers over each image.
  • Imsanity
Imsanity saves you from the problem of manually scaling down images. Easy configuration of height and image quality is possible enabling Imsanity to keep a check on all the images that are uploaded. Large images are scaled down by this plug-in to a pre-configured size which then replaces the original one. A bulk-resize option is available which caters to the previously uploaded images.
  • Media File Renamer
In case you come across an incorrectly labeled image file within your WordPress site, you might opt for manually renaming it, which is a very cumbersome procedure, more so when you are operating a large-sized website.

Media File Renamer is an effective WordPress image optimization plug-in which does all this task for you. This plug-in provides assistance in renaming your images without going through much hassle. Over and above that, Media File Renamer helps in the updating references (such as links in pages and posts, and so on) automatically, thereby making the work easy. Files can even be taken in bulk and renamed all at once. This would indeed spell wonders for your images as well as SEO efforts.
  • Lazy Load
This plug-in makes use of jQuery.sonar for loading an image when it is visible to the user. The images appear one after the other as the page is scrolled down. Lazy Load proudly exhibits the potential of jQuery.sonar along with a brilliant optimizing plug-in for WordPress.

Speedy websites are a boon for the website owners as well as for the users. Optimize your website by leveraging the proper image optimization plug-in and give your website a colorful look, while maintaining its speedy functionality.
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