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5 Great Ways to Unveil Your Website

So you have developed a content strategy, gone through the design and website build process, and you are ready to launch. This is where many a project has fallen down in the past, and many will in the future too. It is only when a website is getting visitors that it can be productive. It’s great to focus on search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and other marketing channels, but you only get one chance to make a massive first impression.

These 5 tips will help you to unveil your website to the world and give it the best possible chance of capturing an immediate audience. Think of your website launched as a strategic process. How can you make the most of it?

Counting Down 

Before we get into the list it’s worth mentioning the time before your website is ready. You probably already have the domain name (If not you can get your domain here) and business concept. You may already have your business cards and be talking about the business to people in your sector. If any of this is the case then why not have a countdown clock to launch on your website. Have a signup form for email addresses and begin the journey of gathering contacts. If your social media presence is already up then refer people to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other channels. 

Launch Event

It is nearly always a great idea to have a website launch event. If you do it properly you can gain a lot of media attention, and excite prospects too. Make the event very social and put on food and drinks. Perhaps higher digital signage so that people can get a look at your website throughout the event. Only turn this on after you have done the official unveiling though. Go through the core functionality in big-screen high-definition.
If your company is at the stage where it is ready to buy presentation systems then go to a quality supplier like Videonations and get some advice from experts. Alternatively, you could hire an event room, or hire the system alone and run the event at your offices.
The important thing is that you make the event extra special so that it helps to build your brand. Get lots of photos and invites industry magazines and local news as well.

Press Release

In this day and age too many companies ignore the opportunity to release a press release. Press releases can be powerful tools to get your name out into print and online publications. If you have a story worth telling then get a professional copywriter to produce a press release for you and you may just be surprised by the positive results and feedback you receive.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a major buzzword at the moment. When you are releasing your website you have a great opportunity to go viral. Your website has no baggage of negative opinion, and there is no perception of stagnation. All you have is excitement, and if you whip up a fervour with a fantastic series of content marketing promotions, and of course have a great product, and you could send your business viral.
Be creative in your ideas. If the functionality of your website is unique then you could focus on this and the solutions you provide and get a video or blog post going through social media. This type of Social Media functionality explainer campaign only really works if you are offering something a little different.

Think about the types of content that you share on social media. It is most likely the definitive authority pieces, the hilarious content or the poignant content that gets to the heart of the matter fast. Poor quality content will only do harm to your business. Invest time and money in getting your content right.


If your sector is one where exhibitions are the norm then get some flyers done and use dynamic digital media to promote your new website. Unveiling your website at an exhibition can cause a bit of a stir. Simply going through your website with prospects on an iPad can help to convert them into customers. This is probably the most passionate you will ever be about your website and so use that emotion while it is at it’s strongest.
So there you have it look at some great ways to unveil your website. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. Develop a launch strategy that encompasses the months approaching website launch and the months after. Put in place the content and tools you need to be successful early, so they are at hand when you need them.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
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