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Why Entreprenuers Should Work With Magento For Ecommerce Business?

The world is depending on internet now and so have all business enterprises embraced it. Putting up an online store means bringing your shop right up to your customer’s bed (even while he is busy snoring in the middle of the night).


However, the success or failure of your online store or website depends on how efficient is your team in managing your ecommerce store. Management means handling all the necessary components (which I am sure you are aware of) that constitute your ecommerce. When trying to find out how to handly all the key factors that make up your online store, I am sure you must have asked yourself as to which is the most profit-driven CMS for your business?

Over the past few months, a thorough study has shown us that entrepreneurs regard Magento as the most reliable CMS to work with.

To stand assured on this ground, you can have a look at the following diagrams, which contains supported data showing that maximum number of companies are choosing Magento over other ecommerce technologies.



Data & Images Courtesy: https://trends.builtwith.com/shop

Why Entrepreneurs Consider Magento A ‘Good’ CMS? 

Entrepreneurs are regarding Magento as a good CMS. An efficient Content Management System should be able to combine all the factors to form an efficient system that is easy to understand. It helps web masters, internet marketers and merchandisers to arrange, organize and create a store the way they want visitors to see.

1. How Is It Unique Than Other CMS?

A CMS is a kind of a language, which when mastered properly can generate millions of revenues. The CMS language consists of a series of user interface or UI. The UI is a connection of a series of screens. Most of these are created by the engineering department, which are then used by the marketers and the creativity department. What makes Magento unique is that, though the user interface requires some knowledge regarding the language, it surrounds the twelve components.

2. A Little Introduction: How It Works?

Released in 2007, Magento has changed the internet-marketing platform after receiving more than a million downloads within a period of eighteen months. Today, it continues to be an evolving platform with regular update of new features and early in the year 2011, eBay purchased it.

This is not a one product generated from one company. Since it is an open source CMS script, the codes are free and are easily available to everyone. Written in PHP and utilized by the MVC based Zend Framework, this open source CMS uses the MySQL database, which is based on EAV.

The most striking thing is that Magento tries following Apple’s iPhone success story. After creating a core-programming platform, Apple invited to build their apps here. This collaboration and partnership of Apple with other organizations had helped in the development of millions of apps for iPhone.

It Comes In Three Versions

  • Magento Go (SaaS)
  • Magento Community ( Free and open source)
  • Magento Enterprise (used for large retailers)

3. Magento, the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution

Apart from having flexible ecommerce features and an administration interface that is spontaneous, Magento also supports a collection of high scalable designs and an extensive network support.

Setting up an ecommerce store means you need to reach out to every corner of the world. Magento comes with features that provide merchants with multilingual options and a support system for multiple currencies. You need to ensure that you are accessible to your clients through different browsers. In addition, Magento comes with iPhone optimization so that your client does not miss you out while on the move.

With Magento, catalogue browsing and management becomes easy. You could easily analyze the behavior of your customers, by integrating this tool into the Google Analytics account. Having an open source CMS that enables an advanced product browsing, along with a multiple number of images for each product along with an option for greater search engine optimization, makes your website reach the target audience.

Salient Highlights of Magento

  • A platform packed with a number of features for a user-friendly experience.
  • Receive automatic update of your website.
  • Get quick shopping features that make your website search simple, quick and versatile.
  • Magento lends support to online stores when it comes to promotion of inventories in a number of domains.
  • Reach higher scales because Magento comes with MVS system based on configuration.
  • Comes with features and opportunities that can fix shopping cart abandonment by sending reminders to customers who have abandoned their carts and encourage them to purchase.

 A Comparative Study: An Emerging Winner in the E- Competition

A careful study to show you what makes Magento a dominating ecommerce content management system -
  • Why Choose Magento Over WordPress?

There is no doubt that you can add plug-ins to the WordPress platform. However, when WordPress was initially developed, it was only a blogging platform. Though now it offers ecommerce solutions through plug-ins, the question arises as to why not go for a customized ecommerce solution; if at all, your website’s prime focus is doing business.

  • Why Choose Magento Over Shopify?

An open source platform, Magento offers you with numerous templates and extensions. On the other hand, Shopify offers you with a limited number of only two hundred templates. While Shopify is suitable if you need to run a small website within a very short period, Magento is a better option if you are looking forward to run a reliable ecommerce platform.

  • Why Choose Magento Over BigCommerce?

Setting up a website or online store with BigCommerce is easy, especially since its ability to focus on international based shipping. Nevertheless, you might often face the problem of your business being stuck due to plug-ins that are complex to use and a limited number of third party support. This will not happen with Magento as they offer you with an easy framework that makes it easy to use.

Many content management systems available have their own advantages and disadvantages. Magento is one such open source CMS that is preferable for any kind of business, whether a small or a large scale enterprise. However, every business has its own requirements, which one must consider before deciding which CMS to use.

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