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Know the Shortest Way of Monetization by is a website that gives the scope of making money online in some easy ways. It commercializes the commercial websites by citing their links through the contents of some other websites. As a result, both parties get benefitted in this way. It is simple yet very profitable and swift at the same time. This method of monetization is now viral on the web. Their job is seen by almost all the internet users. But it did never strike in their mind as their eyes skip these things easily. So the basic knowledge of the technicalities of monetization of external links should be perceived first.

There are two kinds of parties that has to deal with- the hosting websites where the external links are hyperlinked within the contents and the other one is the advertisers who want to promote their products, brands, business or anything for that matter. finds out the best exposure of a retailer in a site and then incorporates it there. People who do not belong to the earlier mentioned groups even can make money out of it. This site rewards everybody whoever helps in expanding this chain of promotions. The profit compounds as the connection broadens.

The responsibility on the part of includes the strategy of converting a commercially prospective content into a mean of earning. After having done with tenuous research and surveys the perfect match of link and content is made which complement each other I true sense. Developing useful contents that can draw maximum revenue for everyone involved. This is where a full proof strategy is required. Viewers’ engagement as well as reading their mind helps to develop the road map of the ultimate monetization. is always active in bringing each content in notice to render its value of making money. Incorporation of links into it is another art to get recognition.

The upcoming discussion is about the step by step process as well the features of that influence its service.
  • Converting a Link into a Profitable one: This is also a way of digital marketing. Today each and every dominating or marginal business owns a website which they mainly use for e-commerce. It is a bit tough to catch the eyes at first impression as the reliability factor holds back the purchases that it really deserves. Visibility is the driving force in getting customers. So the link of this site is promoted on other or sometimes relevant websites. searches out the insights of a site suitable for the purpose and proximity of the brand and converts its link into a profitable one. On the part of the hosting sites they also get to choose the links they want to promote through their websites and most importantly get paid. Each and every impression and click is counted as money makers for both the sides. But also offers a deal which helps get impressions or clicks that create business.
  • Creating New Links: It also creates the links and spreads them to each nook and corner of the world. Creation of new links that earns a good amount of revenues for both the parties and only net surfers builds a network which is a must for all monetizing sites. So basically money is floating in the air and just shows the way to grab them. The coverage has to be in this case as infinite as the time because the world of internet is full of monetization opportunities. The main job of is to help people get paid for their contributions. Customization is available in case of choosing for both of the parties. The hosting site can decide what they want to advertize on their web pages and the sellers can control the charge or rate allocated for each impression or click.
  • Making Contents that Focus on Selling: In this business the content of the sites is most important as it acts as the sole medium of marketing and converting insights into buying. Everyone has a huge amount of expectation of earning money, experiencing faster outcomes, and enjoying high yielding business. So the accuracy of the content has to be catchier, more entertaining, lovable, and sellable. This is a huge responsibility that has to be delivered with sincerity by any online money making networks. There is a call for bid for every advertiser as the highest bidder becomes the usual winner. This bidding is conducted by with or without commissions. But they are the main gainers.
  • Detecting the Universality of the Links: Very often the links provide little profit to the websites because of their narrow structures. It is’s duty to attach the shoppability to every links and elevate to wonder in the vast globe of internet. The hosting sites get the external links according to their power mingling with the each citizen all over the globe. Social media plays a significant role to universalize the external links. It is needless to point out the benefit for both the parties. Besides each referral gets paid which is more striking part here. Actually the aim is same for all and that is earning hardcore business to rule the industry.
  • Some Tools: This entire job is done by the exceptional tools whose contribution is undeniable in terms of technicalities.
    • API - It is actually Application Program Interface. Basically it is a set of routines, protocols, inputs and outputs and operations. The wizardry lies in its power of shrinking links without using any scripts in that operated website.
    • Full page script - This is also a wizard like API which complements an external link, providing the ability of being easily copied and pasted. It is useful for those third party users who benefit the main two categories.
    • Social share widget - A chief way for caring monetization is sharing to the extreme extent of going viral. Each sharing reinforces the capacity of monetization of a link.

This in no doubt is an innovative, simple, and clean way of monetization by switching the right button of exchanging favors in terms of money. has so far created its own niches despite the tough race.

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