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Hotjar - The Hot New Master Tool for Web Analytics

If you happen to be from the web industry or have been monitoring your own website’s analysis reports, you must be familiar with hundreds of web analytic tools that are available online. These include biggies like SurveyMonkey, Google analytics itself, CrazyEgg etc., which have been present in the market for quite some time, but have failed to deliver as promised and thus have not achieved complete satisfaction from customers. With their budgets digging a hole in your pocket, you are in a need of a new affordable and more powerful tool.

Rescued by Hotjar

Hotjar is a brand new web analytic tool that combines the power and efficiency of all such services online and presents them as one. If one has to give an appropriate description of Hotjar in a sentence, it would be that it is an invaluable tool that provides unlimited important insights for your webpage. Knowing the secrets like what the visitors desire the most and what they don’t like, holds the key to transform irritated abandoning visitors to happy and satisfied customers.


What it does claims that they would help you understand the true behavior of your visitors through its insights to expand your business. With the main objective to provide UX and conversion rates of your website, Hotjar stands out as the hottest web analytic tool in the market. With the distinctive and exceptionally designed features and services for your control, Hotjar provides a never before made master key to know more about your visitors. Some of its amazing features and services are:

Click and Scroll Heatmaps - One of the premium features of Hotjar that allows you to know what the users are really interested in and what turned them off is by having a look at the visualizations of their clicks, taps, and scrolls throughout your page.

Feedback and Exit Polls - This helps you know what customers are looking for, what they expected, and what did they miss on your webpage. As customers and visitors are god in marketing, you need to understand their wishes and adapt accordingly. Online survey tools charge a lot of money to provide such surveys to your visitors. But in Hotjar, it is a necessary tool and part of the pack.

Online surveys - Hotjar allows you to make your own online surveys using an easy editor. These surveys improve the communication between the developing/maintenance team and the visitors. After getting to know why certain visitors abandoned your site, you might be able to introduce necessary changes to improve.

Form funnel analysis - This analysis is done by identifying on which page and which step the users discarded your site. This helps identifying the faulty or the weak areas which can be either removed or improved to get better results. It also improves the online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill or are left blank or why your visitors abandon your page.

Proactive Chat Feature - Hotjar lets you invite your users to have a one on one chat about their needs and desires from this website. This type of direct interaction lets you understand the minds and the needs of the users in order to provide better service or data to them.

User recruitment - Hotjar Insights also helps you recruit the new users for testing so that you can get a review of your website before it goes live. You can get the users to use your webpage and provide feedback for your site in exchange of gifts, incentives or attractive offers.
Impressive, isn’t it? But this hasn’t come to an end yet. Yes, there are other special features and services that are being provided by Hotjar which are as follows:

  • It displays the specific chats with UX issues so that the retrieval of instant feedback takes place.
  • It gives you complete in-depth analysis so as to tell you which content should be moved higher to provide the readers what they are looking for.
  • To improve the navigation of your website. After providing you with the detailed reports about the navigation routes of the users, the Hotjar insights helps you restructure the organization of webpages to provide users the easiest and more interesting navigation.
  • Hotjar also helps you know what type of imagery or what styles of designs in your webpage are most suited so that they can help boost the number of hits.
  • It helps you add the most commonly asked questions in the chat forums to the FAQs section of your webpage so that a large number of users are targeted at once.
  • You can get to know with the insights provided if you need to remove any component like image or video or a text from your webpage. This helps if the people are least interested in that section or component of your webpage.

Why Hotjar

For some of you who are not impressed enough, there still might be a need to answer that question. All these impressive services if ordered separately or from a SEO, are going to cost you about 350$ per month with still no predetermined result. But Hotjar offers all of these premium features to you at an affordable price of 29$ per month. With a single plan and unlimited access to all the services and insights to any number of your websites you want, it serves all your purposes, saving you about four thousand bucks in a year.

With an extremely well equipped and knowledgeable technical team, Hotjar provides all an active technical support team. Thus at such an affordable price, you are being provided with features, great services, and a supportive customer relations department which will guide you towards understanding more from the reports.

So what are you waiting for? is the answer to all your queries about expanding and promoting your business online. You can get unlimited insights and analytic reports along with exceptionally great services at your web step. To promote and let the people know more, the Hotjar team is providing free early access to beta version through invites. Register now and get started!

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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