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Mulling over the Connection between Website Creation and WordPress

WordPress is a free offline and online web building program that most web owners use. It is easy and quick to set up and is a versatile program that comes with many benefits. The flexible feature allows you to make as many changes as you want with the plugins and widgets.

The interface drag and drop design or click format is easy for making the changes. In spite of its various benefits there are certain limitations that make it necessary for approaching a professional web design service.

Web Design with WordPress

Since it is Open Source software, it is completely free. Although you have add-ons present which need to be purchased for a basic website setup, they are not really needed. Though WordPress was initially designed for bloggers and still is the best blogging platform, it is now extensively used for website creation too. Nearly 20% of all websites created have WordPress in them.


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The advantage present in a WordPress website is it is based on themes. The theme gives the look and feel of the site and can be changed to give the website a new look, without having to touch or alter the content. You can effortlessly give your site a makeover. There are several free themes as well as themes that are sponsored by third parties. With a simple dashboard and program format, WordPress is an excellent tool for blogs and websites alike.

Precautions to Consider

While WordPress is undoubtedly an excellent tool and has become an outstanding CMS in the past couple of years, there are some restrictions that have to be reckoned with before the entire benefits of CMS format are obtained. If you are not careful with using WordPress CMS, you can jeopardize the security and affect the development of the site.

Here are some steps you should follow to make WordPress fast, well-planned, and completely secure.

  • Ensure you hide the WordPress installation, so your user name is not visible. Reserve the administrator account for the back-end works alone. Instead use a different or contributor account for posting contents.
  • When you publish admin username to govern, it is easy to hack into your site and it is further at risk, when you make a poor password.
  • To avoid security issues changing the table prefix, which can be easily done is the best way. You can pick some hard to find name and use it.
  • The wp-config.php file is used for authentication of users who are logged in and their machines. A hacker can steal the logged-in session cookies and act as your substitute. Using the salts and keys help to prevent this.
  • Proper back up is necessary to protect your data. There are several hosts both free and paid types that offer daily, weekly or monthly backups which you can use from.
  • Appropriate use of tags and limiting categories in the main navigation keeps your site functioning fast and optimally. Organizing content in the right way will help you achieve this.
  • Constantly updating the WordPress versions on your site is necessary to avoid the bugs or defects in the system that can cause substandard speed and efficiency, and malfunctioning of user interface.

Using a Professional Website

With a professionally created website, you give your site the advantage to generate increased traffic, improve the sales, and increase your productivity. Visibility, which is very important online, is possible only when you have a professional website setup. Your website should reflect your brand and business identity, so clients can relate to it easily and purchase your product.

To make this possible an attractive, useful, and highly informative website is necessary. With a professional web designing company like webstick.nl, you can ensure that your website gets a professional look, has fast loading time, and is SEO friendly too.

Expertise is Necessary

There are several new techniques emerging constantly in web design, which offer more functionality, performance, and capability to your site. Contrary to what many website owners think, designing is a complicated and challenging job. You need exceptional skills and experience in developing a site to understand and produce the right and successful format for it.

This is possible only with a reputable web designing service. With the knowledge, skills, and experience they possess, your website can be created in an outstanding manner with the help of latest updated methods and a perfect customization.

As one of the leading website creation companies, Webstick Webdesign is capable of providing an exceptionally designed interface that is tailor made for your business. They render you an attractive, dynamic, responsive, interesting, and perfectly search engine optimized site which will be always at your disposal.

All content in your site are created by expert and exceptionally skilled copywriters, saving you lots of time, money, and effort. Further, you also get continuous support and updates, so you need not be concerned with the smooth running of the site as any problems that emerge during its functioning will be promptly seen to and managed expertly.

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