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Encouraging Visitors to Trust Your Website

When visitors come to website for the first time something inside them starts to question the trustworthiness of the site. Questions such as "if I buy from this website will the goods actually arrive?", And "Will my information be safe if I put it on this website?" start entering their minds.

In order to overcome some of the objections of customers it is important to do what you can to engender trust. Two of the ways to do this is to use trust seals on your website and to display customer reviews on the purchase pages. These 2 elements have been proven to enhance customer confidence in a website and therefore lead to increased conversions.

Let's take a look at how you can build your website using these 2 elements in your design.

Trust seals

It is important to use recognisable trust seals when you are building your website through an online site builder, on Wordpress, or from scratch. Seals from TRUSTe, McAfee Secured and Norton Secured have been proven to improve website performance. For example, research by actual insights found that website visitors had pulled out of the purchase because of the absence of trust seals. (61%). The most recognisable trust seals are Komodo, Geo trust, trust wave, fought, BBB, trust the, McAfee, Norton. There have been lots of split A/B test studies that have found that incorporating seals lead to an increased conversion rates of 5 to 15%.

Putting trust seals on your website is therefore important. But how do you do it?. First of all you need to have your websites independently assessed in some cases in order to have the third-party professionally audit the safety of your site. Putting the seals on your site is an easy process. You should design your product pages with them in mind, so that there is a prominent slot in which they can be placed. They should also be featured in the design of your e-commerce checkout pages, to reinforce the safety of your website.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews make your website more believable. Researchers even found that bad reviews can help to improve your conversion rates. After all, who would put fake bad reviews on their website?

Reviews are essentially the best and closest way to getting third-party recommendations on your website. You can add a 3rd party online consumer review widget to your website in order to enable customers to leave reviews and to display the reviews on your site. By displaying reviews, both good and bad, you are proving that you are an honest and transparent online retailer. This can help to engender trust so that visitors will review your website with an open mind. Naturally you don't want to be displaying terrible reviews on your website, but that little bit of negativity mixed with some positives can go a long way.

Final thought

When you are building a website you need to factor in the design elements required to build trust in your website. Having real images of staff in your company, using trust seals and real user reviews, can really help people to connect with your website. Similarly, using social media, and having a decent following, well people to recognise your business is thriving and real. These website elements should go hand-in-hand with customer service, accessibility through email and phone, and great design with no broken links and content that is up-to-date.

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Saturday, 28 January 2023
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