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7 Tips to Guest Blogging Success

Guest blogging is a win-win scenario for both the guest blogger and the blog owner. For the blog owner, accepting guest post is beneficial as he is getting high quality content articles written for free. Well written articles are what drive readers to blogs thus, this can help increase traffic and can help improve Google and Alexa page ranking.

For the guest blogger, this give a better exposure for his site as it gets published on sites that have hundreds of visitors everyday which will in turn also increase his site traffic.

So how do you start to guest post? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Search for blogs that have good traffic and has a lot of readers. This way, you will be publishing your article to a blog that has many followers, which can give you a good exposure of your site.
  2. Try to find a blog that is relevant to your niche. If you will search for a blog to guest post on, make sure that it is a blog that is relevant to the content that you are going to write about. If your blog is a discount shopping site which offers coupon codes and discount vouchers for online store like ebags and shoebuy, you will get the most benefit if you will publish your guest post to a blog that has a Shopping or Fashion niche instead of publishing it to a Technology blog.
  3. Submit well-written and 100% original content. The quality of your article is what will attract readers so make sure that it is of high quality and not just a copy-paste from another blog or site. This will interest the readers, which will attract them to visit your site to read more quality content.
  4. When writing your article, take note of the number of words contained in the article. Most blog owners have a section in their blog on their requirements for the guest post and it is here where they mention the number of words they want for the article. Mostly, 500-1000 word article is good.
  5. Check for spelling and grammar errors. No blog owner would want to post an article that has a lot of grammatical and spelling errors so make sure that you always check your article for those before submitting to blog owner.
  6. After your guest post has been published, be active in the community. Interact with the readers of your article and answer their comments and question so you can attract them to follow you and your blog as well. Promote the published URL to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to attract readers of your article.
  7. Do not promote your site on the article. Instead, you can put a link to your site on your author’s bio. Some site will also allow links on the article body but make sure that you use keywords to the link that sounds natural to the article.

I am sure these 7 tips will help you post your first guest posting article in no time and soon, you will start to enjoy the benefits of increase traffic and followers to your site as a result.

Author's Bio:
AbieL works as a content writer for the discount shopping site, You Love Coupons where she mostly writes articles on where to get discounts and coupons for ebags and shoebuy store. From this site you can get ebags.com coupon code and shoebuy.com coupon codes.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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