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Whereabouts of Latest SEO Practice

SEO practices and techniques have been experiencing random changes in the past few years. With the leading search engines bringing about changes in their algorithms at regular intervals, it has become a hard task to enjoy optimized results while sticking to the traditional practices. Therefore, we present before you the latest tips that can enhance the overall SEO practice, and let you deliver the best results to the clients.
  • Consistent URLs are Necessary: Consistent URL indicates towards the fact that the links that are used for the purpose of internal linking strategy, the links the users see, and the ones used in the XML Sitemap need to be same. Therefore, the next time you update one of them, change them all. Do not leave canonical link in your XML Sitemap.
  • Short and Limited Parameter URLs are Great: There are many people, who consider about having an exact match domain. However, it must be made easy for the spiders on the web to easily notice your URLs and read it. The best way to accomplish this task is to limit the number of parameters for the URLs. It is better to use words and hyphens instead of numbers and underscores. It is also a great idea to avoid sub-domain wherever possible.
  • Go for Relevant Content and NOT SEO Copy: There is nothing more to say about the importance of fresh and relevant content for a website. However, there are many people, who still spin the previous content, and put them to work. This can deliver false results in no time. Therefore, opt for nothing but fresh, as well as, relevant content for a website.
  • Keep Live Text on the Upper Part of Page: The upper part of a web page is the best place to put live texts. However, it is better to stay away from hidden texts. Search engine spiders are known to read a page line by line. Therefore, if a spider has to crawl through several images and links before the content arrives, it will not treat the content to be as important as the links or images.
  • Nothing but Authentic Links: Link-building has been an evergreen SEO strategy. However, in this world of changing search engine algorithms, there is no place for spam links, which harms a website like nothing else. Therefore, maintain a clean link profile for best results.
  • Title-Tags that are CTA-Friendly: Though it is a great idea to include one of the keywords of a website in the title-tag of a page, use of action words like “Buy, Shop, Avail, Apply” can fetch wrong results, as it might seem to force the user to click on a link.
  • Boosted Load Time: The load time of a page should be as less as possible. Though it is not a great idea to compromise with the quality to reduce the load time, it would not be better if a page takes more time to load than usual. Such things force the user to seek other available options.
Popular SEO companies in Melbourne have ushered their trust upon the above tips, and have been able to deliver their clients with nothing but optimized results.
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Monday, 05 December 2022
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