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10 Effective Tools to Analyze The Performance Of Website

We all know that website performance is an essential element in increasing the traffic and success of a website. Speed of loading a particular page has an impact on visitor and can reveal whether the visitor will change into customer or not. There are some tools that help web designers to judge the performance of their sites and these particular tools also assist the designers to improve the sites.

The following list provides some essential analyzer tools that are quite useful for designers, they are-
  1. NeustarWeb Performance - This analyzer properly analyzes your website’s speed including page weight, load time and breakdown of any page objects. Besides, this tool can also judge the performance of website from 4 geographical areas across the globe.
  2. Google page speed insights - This tool is available from Firefox or add-on option of Google. This tool will clearly score and analyze the web pages and also provide lot of ideas to increase the speed of loading your pages. The recommendations given by this tool are ranked from higher to lower priority. It always gives positive response. It also analyzes the webpage of your phone.
  3. Yahoo! YSlow- It is generally used to score your web performance against a list of rules assigned by Yahoo. This tool offers a list of statistics and summarizes all the components. It also defines a set of recommendations for your site’s information. This tool is available as an add-on for major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  4. GTMetrix - This tool provides various recommendations that will surely assist you to develop an efficient and optimized web page. This tool also provides various statistics like PageSpeed score, page size, page load time and many more that totally brings out the result for higher performance.
  1. WebPageTest - This tool analyze your website from different geographical areas, typical consumer connecting speed and in multiple real browsers. This tool also offers visual overview of the results through graphs that is easily understood by the designer.
  2. Heatmap tool - This tool helps to find out where people have clicked in your site. Through this tool, you can make changes in the web page to raise conversion.
  3. Confetti Tool - By this tool you can distinguish among all the clicks that you have found on your site that are segmented by search terms, referral sources and many more.
  4. An Overlay Tool - When you get through the result of this tool, you will be able to notice all the clicks on each element of your page.
  5. SeomozPRO Tool - This tool is designed for various types of businesses which help designers to better understand their Google page rankings. This tool takes seven days to give a well prepared report which comprises of recommendations to improve your site.
  6. Screaming frog SEO spider - This is the best web page analysis tool of search marketer. This tool brings down the time consumed in processing large websites. This tool also examines the URL.
So, you can take help of these tools to get recommendations thereby increasing your web page performance.
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Friday, 27 January 2023
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