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Torguard VPN Service - Meeting Your Needs the Most Private Way Possible

For all those who wonder how to eliminate those virtual eyes that are plundering your personal information, spying on your data traffic and making it a hobby to look at the choice of your clothing tastes online, VPN is the solution. In a less  technical term ,Virtual Private Networks shortly known as VPN is a secure private connection over a public network, say, the internet. There are many VPN service providers out there in the concrete jungle and TORGUARD VPN services lead the race. Its promise of no logs and amazing upload and download speeds makes it a personal favorite for many of the users.

What do they offer:

They provide two main packages: The Anonymous VPN and the Bit Torrent VPN services.

Anonymous VPN:


This regular service secures all your data traffic through VPN. It deducts about $9.95 from your pocket every month. But it proves its worth by providing you with unlimited bandwidth, support to torrents, and easy set up procedure.

Bit Torrent VPN:

Priced at $5.95 per month, this service provides you anonymity in the Bit Torrent world. All that with unlimited bandwidth, transfer speed and anonymous Bit Torrent IP in a multi support platform.

So, why should you opt for it?

The following list of its features may give you more reasons than one to adore TORGUARD VPN services.

Security (Yes, they are serious about it):

  • TORGUARD VPN uses TLS encryption, securing files using 256- bit encryption by default. In devices that do not support open VPN, the 128 bit PPTP is provided.
  • It is free of logs. There are no logs maintained.
  • Following are the list of protocols used by TORGUARD VPN services:
      • L2TP/IPSec
      • OpenSSH
      • OpenVPN
      • PPTP
      • SmartDNS


TORGUARD VPN has server locations spread across the European continent, and it is also spreading its wings to the U.S, Netherlands, The Swiss, Russia, and Romania. It allows a user to access about 30 VPN servers in 9 countries without any trouble on the band width usage. The stealth servers are super cool as they let you wriggle into the firewalls that seem to surround the network world of countries like China.



TORGUARDb2ap3_thumbnail_ICSconnectionsharing.png VPNS are compatible across multiple platforms such as Linux, MAC, and the variants of Windows. It also works well with the operating systems of handheld devices such as Android and iOS. Setting up TORGUARD is a piece of cake when it comes to easy goers such as Windows and the like but Apple products give you a tough fight, making you work your head out in the process of jail breaking them.

SSH Tunnelling

They provide you with SSH tunnelling which creates a secured, encrypted tunnel between your system and the SSH sever so that your IP looks like it belongs to the SSL server endpoint.

Payment Methods:

It accepts all popular payment methods that you see across the World Wide Web. They are flashed in the front of their webpage, making it easy for the customers to decide the mode of payment. Listed below are their accepted payment modes.

    • Debit Cards
    • American Express
    • Google Wallet
    • Ok Pay
    • Pay pal
    • Bit Coins (Oh, Yes!)

Customer Support:

TORGUARD VPN reaches out to its customers via the Customer support portal, which provides you with a form that promises of getting back to you in a couple of hours, which they actually do. However, do not believe the flashy button that says ‘Live Support’ on the top right corner of their webpage. It lets you down most of the times. 


To give a crisp recall here are the pros and cons of TORGUARD VPN services provided in a nut shell.

Things You should Give a Thumbs up

  • They mean it when they say “We respect your privacy”. There are no logs maintained.
  • Downloads and uploads happen at amazing speeds, sparing you the monotonous task of drumming your fingers frantically against your table.
  • They provide you with SSH tunnelling which is considerably a good add-on.
  • The free copy of Viscosity software that you get is win-win.
  • Decent market prices and the 30 day money back guarantee (limited to 10GB in the first month) boosts your reliability levels tremendously.
  • The free anonymous mails service that they provide would definitely bring a smile on your face.
  • P2P downloading surely hits a positive mark.
  • Providing options for Bit coin payments makes things even easier for you.
  • Reliable VPN connections which make sure that you are not clutched by the discomforts of frequent disconnections.
  • Perfectly documented user manual, which make things all the more smooth and easy.

 Things that may Make You Frown a Bit

  • The vague and ambiguous jurisdiction methods may confuse you.
  • Though the Customer Support guys are very good at getting back to you on time, their subtle lack in technical knowledge or enthusiasm or both may sometimes douse you.
  • If you are a person who hates going through paragraphs after paragraphs, the TOS is definitely not your cup of tea.
  • Too many text boxes that ask for your personal details in the sign up section may push you little out of comfort.
  • It currently has servers in 19 countries, which do not stop tech savvy nerds from mumbling that they could provide us better bandwidth and increase their number of servers.
  • The spelling mistakes in their website may make you think twice, before you click the signup.

In an overall perspective, TORGUARD VPN services provide you complete satisfaction in the two things that you crave the most: security and great speed.  It is a reliable product that offers you commendable performance, making your online life a peaceful one, and protecting you from prying eyes and giving you privileges to be the Torrent King. The cons are little discomforts that you find in any kind of top notch products. As time moves, we expect it to get better and become perfect. In all if you are looking for a good VPN service, TORGUARD definitely has a green flag waving in the breeze.

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