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What SEO Experts Should Learn About PPC Marketing

 What to say about online marketing? It has definitely proven its worth and significance more than any other domain over a period of time, so much so, that online business owners cannot even think of surviving without it for a second.

 One of the best things about online marketing is its quite broad and flexible spectrum, accommodating enough to carry different online marketing strategies like email marketing, PPC marketing, Search Engine Optimization –aka- SEO (with recent addition of SMO or Social Media Optimization), etc.

 Out of all of them, it is PPC (Pay-per-Click) that could be the best example of “high risk high reward” category, serving literally to make or break for an online business. SEO, on the other hand, offers a bit of room, taking time in its implementation and still leaving room for corrections even after an unexpectedly bad stroke of luck.

 Though people mostly treat PPC and SEO quite differently, web marketing experts suggest combining the positive aspects of both domains would serve the purpose of online promotion even better. Given below is a list of effective PPC rules that innovative SEO experts can and should use to vie for even better performance.

 Rule # 1

 AdWords folks, as PPC experts can be appropriately referred as, have to be very precise and analytic about what they do, unlike SEO experts, who have the luxury of leaving quite a few aspects to “luck” or “destiny”. In order to improve your SEO results, following some of the most effective PPC rules can be very helpful.

 The first rule pertains to relying more on statistical assistance for knowing the exact ROI (Return on Investment) if you really want to make every bit of your efforts count. That might include:

 ·         Digging deeper into Google Analytics to know how effectively to use various custom filters and some other advanced segmentation for improved setup tracking

 ·         Make yourself more susceptible to customer feedback for improving every possible bit

 ·         Make the best possible use of Google Webmaster Tools for tracking your improvement statistically

 Rule # 2

 PPC is more of a science, which seems insignificant if not backed by appropriate testing of various kinds. For any SEO expert, vying to go beyond regular on page activities and link building services, testing new ideas and innovations is a must, just like PPC experts do before and after implementing each of their tactics.

 Rule # 3

 Rule # 3 apparently seems quite simple, but holds great significance, particularly for PPC experts, i.e. choosing and using their words wisely! According to experts, one of the best ways to improve your conversions is to improve your copy, furnishing it with the most appropriate and striking words you possibly can. This can be very much of a help for SEO experts as well.

 Rule # 4

 This rule pertains to planning not for ideally favorable conditions, but for keeping worst possible scenario in mind, like a PPC expert does, planning with scarce resources, be it financial or be it technical. One way of improving your SEO results is to keep track of every single penny like PPC experts ought to do, turning it more into “money wise” matter.

 Rule # 5

 For PPC people, increase in volume of traffic is great, but even greater are the conversions they try hard to get. Mere popping up of visitors without the true potential of converting into sales is useless. That is why PPC experts try to furnish their landing pages with content that compels visitors to get followed up, making the best use of “follow-up marketing”. SEO experts trying the same can improve their chances of bagging increased traffic volume as well as conversions.


 The fact of the matter is that beauty of SEO is its greatly flexible nature, accommodating enough to let the beneficial practices of online marketing fit in conveniently. Therefore, SEO experts trying to rely more on a smart online marketing assistance like AdWords should be ready to get high online marketing gains.

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