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Wordpress Plugins That You Must Have!

Wordpress SEO by Yoast!
WordPress PluginsThis is an essential plug in! It can be called as important as the Wordpress site itself. The great thing is that this plug is not only easy to download but also extremely easy to use. There is an added bonus also this plug in will work perfectly with just about every Wordpress site that you have. That's great, right? Go ahead try it out here: Yoast's Google Analytics plugin.

Simple URLs
The understatement of the year would be to call it the greatest Wordpress plugin of all time. Because it is an absolute life saver! It allows you to control and take charge of all the outbound links and helps you stay in complete power. All you have to do is modify a code a little. It will ensure that no authority moves away through the link itself. This must have made a lot of people who own Wordpress sites to smile or sigh in relief. Users would have the opportunity to control the outbound links at the Wordpress backend, just the way these things should be done; in complete discretion and minimum disclosure.

Google libraries
This application is much like a coup; it is basically used in place of the Javascript libraries. A lot of people I know just got excited and they have all reasons to be. Using this plug in would mean that people would have to use a lower bandwidth, the compressed version of the scripts are good to use, there is a very high chance that these libraries are already cached; this means that the over all ease with which your site operates increases and it is bound to work perfectly.

W3 total Cache
If you are a web developer then you must know that the overall performance of the website depends on a lot on the cache. And if you are new to the game then I must say that the importance of Caches can not be stressed enough. W3 Total cache is a very remarkable plugin that is not only powerful but also quite comprehensive. You can call this a super plugin as it handles a lot of tasks for you. It has the innate ability to combine CSS and JS to HTML line break, it can also help to remove a comment, users use it extensively for disc caching along with browser caching.
If you are going to be taking input from your readers, then the best way to do is to take it on forms. Guess what we have the perfect plug in for you.. Gravity forms. Okay before you get all excited you should be informed that unlike the above mentioned plug ins this will cost you a mere sum of $39. And to be quite frank, such a handy thing should cost something. There is basically no end to the things that you can do with this plug in. you can create forms that are well protected by Captcha. And if you blog, your form can generate content for your website! The forms work at the backend. You can view them only when you need to or feel like it. For some of the forms (of your choosing obviously) you will not even receive a notification via email upon arrival. Amazing, right? So go ahead, make your website at Wordpress run better and more efficiently using any one or al of these plugins.
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Monday, 30 January 2023
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