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Hostoople: Affordable Reseller Hosting with Profit generating Features

Amidst the run-of-the-mill hosting solutions that abound online, Hostoople web hosting offers affordable and reliable hosting solutions at the same time. The high charges of paid hosting have kept many bloggers away from the hosting services. But since only paid hosting offers the customization and flexibility needed for an efficient blogging platform, the cost effective and quality hosting service by Hostoople has come as a great relief for bloggers and website owners. Here are some of the prominent and versatile features found in the hosting provider’s reseller hosting plan.


Diverse Hosting Solutions

Hostoople offers Linux based hosting services of shared, VPS, and dedicated types. Other than these solutions, the reseller hosting is a key feature that enables you to sell the hosting servers in your locality.

For small enterprises, the ecommerce features offered here is quite efficient and appropriate. The reseller hosting platform provides disk storage of 100 GB to unlimited space, and bandwidth of unlimited capacity on monthly basis based on the plans you choose. The all-inclusive building tool for websites is another feature that you get for free, once you register with them. Free email accounts which are unlimited in number and domain registration are other additional features that bloggers and website owners can benefit from. Other salient features present include:

  • The hosting plans are mainly targeted on smaller enterprises and individuals who run small sized websites.
  • Other than the reseller hosting, there are VPS, dedicated and shared hositng options available at nominal rates.
  • The dedicated servers offered provide 99.9% uptime but this does not have any money back guarantee.
  • The customer service and technical support is given 24/7.
  • Multiple hosting solutions of open sources type like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are provided with any type of hosting solution you opt for.

Affordable Reseller Plans

The reseller hosting plans are extremely low priced. The most economical is the starter plan at $7.95. This is great for startups, or if you are hosting only a few sites. The plan offers 100GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth capacity. A variety of reseller tools coupled with 24/7 support makes it the best and affordable solution. The various features included with this starter pack are cPanel Control panel, Jailed SSH Access, Unlimited MySQL Database, free transfer with setup, unlimited email accounts, and full support.


The business plan offered at $15.95 per month has disk space of 500 GB, and unlimited bandwidth which are needed for your growing business. There is ample growing space available with the WHM and cPanel features that come with this plan.

The expert plan is meant for major reselling that is offered at an unbelievable $19.95. The plan is built to handle any type of big web hosts, increasing the profit potential to a great extent. First priority support, a highly scalable storage and bandwidth capacity, incredible storage space, unlimited email accounts and domains, and free setup and transfer, if needed are some beneficial features you get with the Expert plan.

Why aim for Reseller hosting?

When you go for reseller hosting, you get the opportunity to set up a reseller hosting service under your own domain and company name. The huge storage and bandwidth you buy can be split up to be used by your clients. You have absolute control of the hosting service. With reseller hosting, you get to set up web hosting accounts for your friends, family, and even business associates. Without the need for any expensive infrastructure, bandwidth web servers or web hosting personnel let you set up a business, which has very little risk financially.

Exemplary Support

If you are not familiar with the webhosting and the reselling part, the excellent support provided at Hostoople allows you set up properly and find the right solutions for the issues that crop up right from the domain acquisitions to setting up ecommerce reseller hosting solution. The 24/7 support at Hostoople ensures that you are able to sustain your customers capably.

Easy Reseller Hosting Setup

When you purchase a reseller account at Hostoople, the Web Host Manager Interface present guides you through the setup and control of various steps involved in catering to your customers. This enables your customers to easily access the cPanel and set up websites and maintain them too. Further, the startup guide offered by Hostoople with the reseller hosting plans is an excellent way to learn the process, if you are new to reseller hosting. All the steps involved in creation of reseller hosting account are explained in an easy to follow manner. The customer support available via phone, chat, and tickets 24/7 further increases the assistance sphere provided by the hosting service, thereby leaving no stones unturned.

The cPanel present in the main domain once you register with Hostoople has an amazing set of tools for building your site the way you want. From images, styles, and fonts to the colors, you can customize efficiently. Designing your site with Joomla or WordPress is very easy or you can even use a designer of your choice.

Efficient Control Panels

The three reseller hosting plans available have two types of control panels. One is the Web hosting Manager, which guides you through the setup and management phases of all your customer accounts. The cPanel present with your customers’ accounts lets them create as well as manage the websites they own. The Webhosting manager has efficient features that let you control all your sub-accounts. Here are the key features of WHM:

  • Set up of new accounts
  • Control the bandwidth and disk space via package creation
  • Verify server status
  • Make changes in the package themes and account passwords including sub-accounts etc.
  • Email to your customers, access billing software for web hosting you have offered

Both you and your customers can enjoy complete control over the websites and email accounts and all other steps involved including stats and alterations.


The best part of the reseller hosting plan offered at Hostoople is you can choose the type that fits your present business situation appropriately. Depending on whether you are starting fresh or have existing customers, you can select a suitable plan and as your business grows, you can upgrade easily to a higher plan that offers more features. You just need to log in to your account at Hostoople and select the upgrade type you want.

The Hostoople hosting plans both the reseller and shared hosting have excellent features that will help you set up an efficient and successful website and also offer your clients the best features, if you choose the reseller plans present. The automatic installers, exemplary customer support, and user-friendly interface with 100% control for both you and your clients separately irrespective of the type of reseller plan you choose, make Hostoople one of the most efficient, affordable, and profitable choices.

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