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Some of the Biggest E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For in 2014

With ever-increasing number of people moving to shop online than following the conventional methods to shop, e-commerce industry is booming at an alarming rate. Most of the brick-and-mortar store owners (if not all) are also stepping-in e-commerce development to build their strong presence online – in a bid to reach wider targeted customers. But as the e-commerce industry keeps on varying and new trends pops up almost every year, so as to provide seamless shopping experience to consumers, this year is no different.


Here are some of the top e-commerce trends that you should look for in 2014:


1. Mobile Payments Will Become a Breeze
In 2014, you'll be able to make payments in a remarkably easier manner. You no longer will have to set your eyes upon a waiter to pay your restaurant bill! That's because, PayPal will allow users to settle their bills with help of their neatly packaged app. According to Gartner, there will a 38% boost in mobile payments this year.

2. Selling Across Multiple Channels
With each passing year the online experience gets more fragmented, and in 2014 online businesses will need to adopt multichannel selling. Just like any physical retailer opens up a store in new locations to boost the revenue, likewise a retailer selling online will be able to sell their merchandise across multiple channels over the web. This will prove to be a big advantage for the small online retailers, as they'll be able to reach out to more customers via different sources like a comparison shopping engine, any online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay and so on.

3. Better Assistance
When purchasing something from a bricks and mortar store, buyers usually turn up to sales assistants for assistance, and now they expect the same level of service to be provided by the online stores as well. So, in 2014 online retailers will be providing personalized suggestions to their customers and a few will look forward to providing 24/7 chat assistance. This will provide customers with help and advice that they usually received from the sales assistants working in bricks and mortar stores. And thus, customers will be able to find what they're looking for quickly without going through the extra clutter.

4. Multi-device Browsing will Redefine Online Selling
According to a survey, nearly 89% of the online surfers said that online retailers should let buyers purchase their favorite products, in the manner that they suits them the most. For instance, tablets are increasingly becoming the new point-of-sale for the customers, in fact, they're successfully drawing in twice as much sales as the mobile devices (which has been the most popular source for making the purchases online). Thus, retailers should get their e-commerce stores optimized for multi-device browsing. This will eventually ameliorate customers shopping experience on-the-go.

5. Need to Create Engaging Content
E-commerce stores have been about selling products online and adding great content has always been a secondary option for the online retailers. But that won't be the case in 2014, which will rather demand writing genuine and high-quality content with pixel-perfect images and high-definition videos. The need for adding quality content in e-commerce sites has emerged owing to the increase in competition, wherein adding repetitive product descriptions and lacklusture images won't work will make any e-store doom to failure!  So, if you haven't yet added good content, then you should get your writing skills sharpen up.

6. Higher Availability
Since the Internet speed has got better, consumer’s no longer will have to wait for minutes for loading a page. Online businesses realize such needs and are adopting tools to curtail latency and heighten availability of their e-store. Ways like keeping data in different layers, so as to store the most crucial data to be readily available on varied hardware devices, is becoming a highly coveted method to lessen latency.

Wrapping Up!
If you have been running an online store or thinking about moving your brick-and-mortar store online, then you can't miss to pay attention to the biggest e-commerce trends of 2014. I've come up with top 6 trends that you can't miss to consider, though the list is not exhaustive, yet I assure you that viewing the aforementioned trends will definitely help you learn about the most essential ones that will make your e-commerce site gain an edge over the competitors.  
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