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MOVAVI Screen Capture Tool - Get Comfortable Screen Recording on your Mac

MOVAVI Screen Capture Tool - Get Comfortable Screen Recording on your Mac
The OS X Mavericks is capable enough to provide some Mac screen capture facilities through a few keyboard shortcuts, although it does very little to satisfy your needs of some more screen capturing and editing tools keeping in mind the capabilities of the OS. Do not lose your heart! This is possible through some third-party softwares. Even many are available in the market, but none compete Movavi screen capture tool in the sense of its usability and performance.Movavi Screen Capture
To take the screenshot or the picture of what is on your screen you need a screen capturing tool like Movavi Mac screen capture. It does not limit you to only screen capturing but also provides some outstanding tools to make your life easy.
Movavi Screen Capture Tool can run both on Mac and windows desktops. Complete freedom to get the best capturing experience you ever have come through this excellent product.

The tool offers the following features:
  • Save screenshots of your screen in any format you like
  • Create your own demo videos of the entire screen on the marvellous retina display or capture a part of the screen. You can choose from showing the cursor of your mouse or keep it hidden while recording the videos.
  • Smooth screenshots are grabbed with ease
  • Record the live streams of your favourite shows, broadcasts or performances.
  • 60 fps recording with smoothest video watching experience.
  • Smart capture frame - capturing of flash videos even if they are displaced on the screen!
  • Full image customization like resizing, cropping, flipping, rotating or annotating is possible.
  • Save images and videos and play on any device, whether Apple or other due to different output media formats.
  • Easy encoding of videos to play on cross platform devices – desktops, tablets, mobiles
  • Capture sound from built in or external USB microphone while you record.
  • Real time capturing from CDs, DVDs and hard drives without transferring them to your Macintosh.
  • Anytime support from the dedicated help centre.
These are not the only features. The possibilities are limitless with Movavi screen capture tool for Mac.
Areas where Movavi Mac Screen Capture excels
Movavi Screen Capture Tool is pretty great! Being a consistent reviewer, I need to capture a lot and this tool is beyond my expectations and never fails. It has become an inseparable companion for my daily requirements. To many this tool might be less important, but compared to other products in the market, it outperforms them all in prices as well as performance.
Where this tool can be used?
A must have tool for people in tech support and maniacs requiring frequent screenshots, images and videos. Annotation feature is a life giver to these screenshots; simply insert comments whenever you want. This feature is also handy for designers to place notes over the images with no need to impart destructive editing, needlessly! Seeing the usability of this tool, it is worth purchasing at minimal cost, even when you are not a regular user.
Standing up in the competition from other tools
Even if you are happy with Grab, the in-built screen capture feature in Mac, many things prevail any time which it can’t perform. But, Movavi screen capture is capable of what you even can’t imagine! The friendly user interface with simple settings makes it really easy to use. Screen casting on your Mac is exceptionally pragmatic with Movavi. There are many providers of tools having same features, but Movavi is cheap and easy to purchase.
So, when are you purchasing the best Mac screen capture tool available in the market at great price discounts?
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