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Fairly Simple Steps to Creating a new Menu and Menu Module in Joomla 2.5

Joomla, as a highly sought-after content management system, is making deeper inroads into the web realm by the day. As the word about its resourcefulness and efficiency spreads, more and more webmasters are switching to Joomla to let their website gain greater grounds.
b2ap3_thumbnail_1405750384_Joomla.pngJoomla offers an immaculate structure for your website in terms of the layout and a host of other design elements. When you wish to offer your visitors a smooth browsing experience that doesn't make them squint hard while navigating through your website, Joomla is the most perfect platform for you to choose. And the Joomla Menus enrich the user experience even more.

To further elevate the feature, Joomla recently came up with Joomla 2.5 Menus that let the webmasters integrate some highly user-friendly and seamlessly compatible menus on their websites. The menus go a long way in making the basic site navigation better and more inclined towards the enhanced browsing experience.

Each Menu has Multiple Sub-Items
When you are configuring the menu in the site's dashboard, you will find the option of adding more than one sub-menus to each menu, and this helps you to categorize your website in a more effective manner. Let's say you are running a website around movies,  poetry, entertainment and humor, (something around the likes of Leisure Martini), you would want to put all the movie-based articles, reviews and entertainment news under the “movie” category, or the poems under the “poetry” category. So, you have a menu wherein you put all the relevant categories, and then you further divide them into sub categories. In the main menu, you provide a link to the respective listings so that your visitors have an easier way of accessing a particular type of article.

The Menu Modules
And then there is that. The Menu Modules are created as soon as you set up a Joomla 2.5 menu. This module has then to be enabled by you. Following that, you are required to fix a position in the template where the menu will be placed.
Need a More Concrete Way of Creating Menu and Menu Module in Joomla 2.5? Segue on to the following steps:

Many webmasters are vying to create a cleaner, easily navigational menu in the Joomla 2.5 version. And achieving so is a matter of sew very easy steps. If you are looking for same, the following instructions will serve you well:
  1. Sign into your Joomla Dashboard
  2. Go to the Menus section
  3. In there, look for the top menu where in you need to access the Menu Manager
  4. On the new screen that appears, you need to click on the “New” button, which you can see located at the top right corner of the screen.
  5. One you have the new menu, you need to give it a new name, a type and write a short description about what it represents.
  6. Click the Save and Close Button
  7. You will then have to locate and click the “Add a module for this menu type”, which is already placed right next to the many you have just built.
  8. Again, give it a title, finalize the position for the menu to be displayed at and save the settings before hitting the Close button.

With these simple enough 8 steps, you have successfully created a customizable Joomla Menu.  You then have to proceed with adding few menu items. Joomla also provides the provision of reordering the menu items and changing the way they appear.

So, while you create your Joomla 2.5 Menu, be sure to steer clear of the typical and not so typical mistakes.
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