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4 Major Mobile Usability Considerations Companies Often Overlook

If your company plans to release a mobile app, then user testing is a critical part of this process. Your organization's reputation can be significantly affected by the quality of your mobile app. Your audience should have access to stable software that accomplishes its purpose. Extensive user testing can ensure that audience has the best experience possible while using your app.  

Device Testing

When you launch a new mobile app, you need to consider current device operating systems and think about backward compatibility. Not everyone in your audience will have access to the hottest new gadgets and operating systems. Consider your target demographics, and make sure that your app works with some of the most common devices currently on the market. Test your app out on these devices to make sure that the user experience is uniform across platforms.

Long Term Stability

Will your app stand up to the test of time? App creators prepare for new operating system updates by testing apps extensively with early developer versions. This allows your company to adjust its app to work with new operating system functionality. If you drop the ball and fall behind mobile progress, then your app runs the risk of becoming obsolete. Never let an app become stagnant once it has gone live on the market.


Work with app testers to ensure that your app can be navigated easily. According to statistics published by Wowza Media Systems, about 72% of mobile users look at a second screen while they are watching TV. This means that your app's navigation needs to be intuitive enough to be used while users are distracted and multitasking. Ensure that every menu item allows users to reach their target. Broken links and malfunctioning menu directories can lead to increased app deletion rates.   


Thoroughly examine your content's style and make sure that it is legible across all platforms. Text should be large enough to be read from a comfortable distance. Graphical assets should be polished and professional. Your company should bring only the best content to the table for a mobile app release.

Companies that plan to release software in mobile app markets should always invest in thorough user design and testing. These efforts ultimately dictate the overall mobile experience of your customers. Don't forget, your mobile app represents your company, so put your best foot forward!

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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