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Three of the Worst Cloud Security Threats

Even though everyone has been talking about how great cloud systems arelately, there are certain security threats that they are prone to and that you should be aware of. After all, you will be placing a lot ofyour most important and most personal files onto a cloud server of your choice, so the last thing that Cloud Securityyou would ever want is for it tobe hacked into or compromised in any way that would cause you to lose your files or your privacy. And you certainly don't ever want yourfiles to be damaged either.

To help you keep your files and your computer equipment as secure aspossible, continue reading for three of the worst threats that cloud servers face.

Data Loss

Data loss can happen if a disk drive completely fails or dies and there isno backup to save the data that was stored on that disk drive. This can also occur as a result of human error. For example, if someoneloses the key that unlocks the data that is encrypted on a drive, it can be gone forever with no hopes of retrieving it again. Or dataloss can even occur as a result of a malicious attack.

Ensuring you have at least one (but preferably more than one) backup copy ofall of your data is imperative in protecting yourself from data loss. And with all of the computer equipment out there today, includingportable external hard drives that take up hardly any space on your computer desk, there are a variety of ways to make multiple copies of everything from your photos and videos to your spreadsheets andemails.

Data Breach

Yet another common problem that can occur while using a cloud server is a data breach. This is when hackers purposely get into a server with the intent of stealing valuable and personal information. Credit cardnumbers, addresses, and other identifying information could be taken and used to steal a person's identity. And because cloud servers makemultiple copies of your data in order to keep it safe in the event one of the copies is ruined, there is actually a higher risk of abreach because a hacker has more opportunities to get into the data one way or another.

Loss of Ownership

Believe it or not, many of the best known and biggest cloud server providershave sections in their terms and conditions that state the data stored on their servers is theirs, not yours. Although taking thisstance gives them more of an opportunity to take action if something were to go wrong with the data or their servers, it does cause you tolose some ownership over your data. Plus, they can also use your data to gain information about you and figure out how to increase their profits.Before you sign up for a cloud server, read through the contract thoroughly to be sure you will be the owner of your data or at leastknow how they plan on using your data.

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