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Truth About Make Money Through Blogging

Due to fact that there are so many articles that will try to convince you to become rich blogging or make money blogging. I've decided to write my own post and actually tell you the truth. A sequel from our previous article - Evergreen Niche? Best Money Making Niche.

Truth about Money Making with BloggingMany people might say that I am the “black station”, “the negative reviewer”, “the mean person”, etc... well to some extends I am, because I don't tolerate bullshit and understatements. Let's go straight to the facts!

Search, Algorithms, WordPress

Majority of blogs are based on WordPress. Many of you might recall that about 2 years ago, organic traffic to blogs started to decline. There is a good reason for this. Mainly WordPress used to offer a great benefits in terms of SEF CMS, RSS feeds and due to nature of blogs, always fresh content. Let's say that 80% of top 10 rankings were occupied by blogs. However...

During the time everybody was talking about the first Panda update, blog traffic started to decline rapidly. Most of the benefits given to blogs was simply taken away. And here is why:

  • other CMS also started integrating RSS feeds

  • other CMS also implemented social share

  • poor relevancy and cross linking

  • blogs are rarely accepted in AdSense

  • over-saturated blogosphere

  • copycats (main reason why most people think to start making money blogging)

  • poor authority

Making Money Blogging Myth Busted

Blogs are personal journals where everybody can express personal thoughts on particular topic. Literally blogging CMS like WordPress and Bloggers are not developed to offer any commercial hooks or call to action, nor any commercial features. Due to some facts regarding nature of blogs, there are major limitations of making money:

  • lack of commercial features

  • mainly rank for “informational keywords”

  • require work on daily basis

  • rely too much on blogging communities

  • poor conversion ratio

  • no clear call to action

  • 63 Million WordPress blogs in 2013 (huge competition)

NB! 99% of the bloggers are making coins or simply not make enough money to pay hosting bills. Less than 1% can make living through blogging, but the facts are even more interesting.

Few of the “A-List” bloggers claim impressive income per month, let's call them “blogger A” and “blogger B”.

  • “Blogger A” claims to earn $25k per month, however in the report it is clearly stated that $18k are invested into marketing. In addition 85% of money aren't earned directly from blogging, but from selling out applications, books and lessons that appear on another website.

  • “Blogger B” claims to make $40k per month, did it once 3 years ago, but doesn't state clearly how the money are made. In the meantime blog even doesn't appear to be indexed.

In many cases investment is close to 80% of the money earned, well I can tell you that with $20k investment, it is not much to be proud of to make $5k extra. It is also not very smart to make financial claims that aren't true.

Big Corporate Blogging

This is the real deal, I am not talking about “Coca-Cola” or “Adobe” blogs, I am talking about the top 100 major blogs that have 40 in-house writers, few in-house web developers, paying few thousands for web hosting, 3 SEO experts and few social media marketers, spend the “big boys” that make million dollar per month.

What are your chances to get 0.1% of the total market as one man band without a clear goal, business model, financial backup... and you are the SEO, SMO, web developer, graphic designer and journalist at the same time? I can tell you straight, the chances to make living from a single blog are gravitating to ZERO!

The Truth – Or Just 30%!

Offering services though blogging, selling your product, etc... can make money, though you might need to be very lucky to make living from it and think twice before quiting your daytime job. Simply there are so many financial claims that simply doesn't represent the reality. It is not impossible, but you are facing a huge challenge.
For instance, if you create another kind of online business – dropshipping, e-commerce website, mobile application, resell goods on ebay, freelancing, etc... there is much better chance to start making money faster compared to making the same amount of money with blogging!
It is again a bit of common sense - direct sales vs indirect sales, high vs low conversion.

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