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Google Analytics V5 – Making Web Marketing Even More Desirable

 Google, being the leading search engine, is not a name that anyone associated with online marketing can even think of ignoring. Not only is it a search engine facilitating millions of users access high quality information on any topic they can possibly think of, it also furnishes them with an array of other highly valuable resources.

 “Google Analytics” can be a prime example of valuable contribution of Google for web marketing domain. It Google Analytics New Features and Interfacehas served webmasters, marketers, bloggers, online business owners, etc, as a highly reliable and productive resource. The best part about Google Analytics is that people can use it for free.

 Google has recently released the most updated version of Google Analytics, referred as “Google Analytics v5”, and majority of people seem not to know much about it as yet. This article is dedicated to help people explore some of the most effective new features of the latest version of Google Analytics, which include:

 Multi-Channel Funnels

 One of the most interesting features adding new depth and flexibility to observe and analyze conversions of your sites which latest version of Google Analytics presents is “Multi-channel funnels”, revealing to you comprehensively the path any visitor followed before converting on your site. You might not find it much interesting, unless you know that this path extends to a time span of about 30 days.

 Prior to this, when anybody responded to a news letter or converted as a customer, the last link from which the customer switched to get converted was credited for that particular conversion. Now, with this feature added to Google Analytics v5, a marketer would be able to have an in depth view of the whole conversion, revealing to you all the channels and mediums (organic, social, ads, referrals, etc) that led a user to final destination of conversion.

 Highly Customized Dashboards

 Until now, you have had access to only one default dashboard, which is now extended to a limit of 20 customizable dashboards, thus offering true convenience of multiple dashboards, according to your choice and preference.

 Newly designed improved user interface offers a user with slick widgets aided with drag and drop options for creating the desired customizable dashboards. Google Analytics v5 enables you to choose from 4 different types of widgets, namely:

  • Metric
  • Timeline
  • Pie Chart
  • Table

With so much flexibility and customization at hand, any individual or professional SEO services can push their online marketing endeavors to new limits.

Site Speed Report

One of the factors playing into search rankings of a website is how much time a page takes in loading. In fact, it has been officially announced by Google that slow loading pages are going to affect your AdWords Score and Organic Search Rankings pretty negatively.

Under such conditions, tracking the response of your site in terms of loading time becomes very important and Google Analytics v5 addresses this area by offering you the feature of “Site Speed Report”.  With Site Speed Report, you can keep track of precious information like:

  • Which pages of your site open up slow enough to cause you a problem
  • Which particular browser used by any particular user took more time to load your page
  • Are there users from any particular region that experience the problem of slow loading time

… and so forth.


Well, this is just like scratching the tip of the ice berg. The real fun, joy, and productivity of Google Analytics v5 would definitely be an experience that shall strengthen your bond with online marketing even further, so just go ahead to test it for yourself.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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