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Guest blogging is still one of the most popular content marketing, link building and brand awareness strategy. Even with the recent changes at Google algorithms, blogging on high authority, 3rd party websites is preferable method for most digital marketing companies.

webmaster blog, write new blog postWebmaisterPro members webmaster blog is one of the best team blog platforms. Targeting highly specific niche topics related to web businesses – online marketing, web development/design, graphic design, social media, software reviews, web hosting, website templates, etc...

If your business, web project, mobile application or blog fall into some of this categories, there are many benefits by submitting guest post for approval. (please check our guest post guidelines)

Why Webmaster Blog at WebmaisterPro?

Our blog isn't based on WordPress, which means no more email going backward and forward with blog owner with subject “Do you accept guest posts”, “How to create user account”, etc.... Every member of WebmaisterPro is eligible to submit post for approval. In addition our approval rate is much higher than any other top website. Often you simply don't know you article is approved or not, just because you wait too long or you simply don't receive automated email, this never happen at WebmaisterPro.

Some of the main benefits of blogging at WebmaisterPro are:

  • easy registration

  • easy blog post publishing

  • SEF URLs

  • SEO features

  • approval/rejection in less than 24 hours

  • highly specific niche

  • high authority and PR

  • sharing on our official social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn

  • possibility to get your post featured at our newsletter

  • high conversion and CTR

  • Linked to your WebmaisterPro member profile

  • etc...

Terms of Use

At the moment, every member of WebmaisterPro is eligible to submit unlimited number of blog posts per month for free. Our editor team will approve or reject the blog post in less than 24 hours (depending on the volume of content).

Published blog post amendments aren't possible unless you submit a request to us. We do not accept:

  • self promoting article

  • press releases

  • low quality content

  • commercial links in body text

  • irrelevant external links

  • topic related only to web business issues

If you want to start blogging at our webmaster blog, your article fit into any of our categories, you are more than welcome to submit your guest post for fast approval.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022
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