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Grow your Network Through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding market continue to grow rapidly in the last few years.

According to WordSpy.com, the earliest recorded use of the word "crowdfunding" was by Michael Sullivan in August 2006, but actually the first crowdfunding project is in 1984 and it is related to Statue of Liberty.

Grow Your Network Through CrowdfundingIn 2013 Massolution released a report with some shocking data – crowdfunding market growth – 81% in 2012, total amount of money raised $2.7 billion wordwide. On the next year prediction the amount was nearly doubled - $5.1 billion.


Nowadays, almost every niche is covered by crowdfunding platform and during March 2014 one of the leaders – Kickstarter reported $1 billion in pledge over by 5.7 million people to creative projects.


Most likely these numbers made somebody angry and there are changes in law, even Paypal made changes in their TOS related to crowdfunding campaigns, however most of these changes are related to equity based crowdfunding, so startup dream is still alive for many. From another angle changes definitely need to be done to stop fraud and protect contributors.

Crowdfunding is not just about money!

True, crowdfunding main goal is to raise money and fulfill a dream. However there are many side benefits that rarely people think about. Due to fact that that almost every niche have it's old crowdfunding platform, the team of WebmaisterPro decided to start our own crowdfunding platform for IT projects.

How to get the most of crowdfunding campaign?

There are simple rules that should be followed, to achieve the maximum of your campaign:

  • unique, useful idea

  • to know and understand your audience

  • to determine achievable goal

  • to create quality presentation – text, video, graphics, demonstration and even prototype

  • to attract contributors with useful givebacks

  • to create momentum

  • to promote campaign

  • to keep contributors informed

  • to keep contributors engaged

Of course, if you are new to online crowdfunding, you can check our guides related to basics of crowdfunding and campaign planning.

The outcome of successful campaign, if all above points are covered could lead to growing your network. Flexible and smart entrepreneur usually achieve:

  • strong engagement

  • quality feedback

  • vision related to business future

  • strong social media presence

  • strong brand building campaign

  • exponential growth right after stat-up

Often crowdfunding campaigns become viral and lead to huge impact in terms of traffic as well as large number of fans in social media for instance Facebook pages, Twitter followers and Google Plus communities, etc...

Without a doubt social media marketing is “the best” friend of crowdfunding campaigns, but on the other hand, social media marketing campaign would help a lot regarding the future of new business.

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