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Foundation 4 - Responsive Design Framework

Foundation is  advanced responsive front-end framework, that offer some interesting features and easy start-up of your responsive web design project.

Foundation is developed by Zurb and is free to download: https://foundation.zurb.com/download.php .

It was not long ago when responsive design become one of the most trendy topics in web development world and nowadays websites that are not mobile friendly simply lose a lot of traffic.

Foundation is developed in Sass, powerful CSS pre-processor that helps you write cleaner and well organized CSS. In addition there are several Javascript plug-ins that will make useful interactions easier to implement across screen sizes.

Latest version of Foundation framework is 4, our team have previously used v3 and migration to the latest was almost straightforward, however versions are not really similar and I would suggest to check official guidelines, if you want to migrate to latest.


  • The Grid – work on almost any device
  • Navigation styles
  • Foundation Grid Forms
  • UI Elements
  • etc...

Foundation 4 is excellent framework with excellent documentation. Probably the only downside is that the oldest browser supported is IE8, however I doubt that anybody is using something older than that. Generally it is prototyping tool, but I guess many web developers are writing actual code for websites in production.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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