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Google Updates Payday Loan 2.0 and Panda 4.0 Leaving Rooms for Anxious Speculations

Twitter broke the amazing news that the web world was anticipating all through the last week. Matt Cutts, the brain behind penalties designed in the form of different updates (including all the Panda or Penguin updates) announced the rolling out of this algorithm of Google on 19th May. It is not quite a small amount of damage that the series of previous Panda Updates had already done that Google is up to some new mischief. However, it is probably the bad luck of this search engine that all time it builds a very strong locked gate to keep the spammy search volume outside, smart web masters manage to barge in with smarter policies of gate crashing.

The latest update named, Panda 4.0 is expected to be stricter on low quality content on different websites. It wants to tighten the noose against everything that is poor on quality and not of real help to the search world’s queries that they can be stopped on their way to the top ranks on the search results. It is true that Google keeps on doing such minor updates almost every month (sometimes multiple times a month) and does not keep informing the search world about such monthly rolling of updates. It will be absolutely unfair to put Panda 4.0 in the same category with such minor updates. This time, the change is really bigger and is also going to have a deeper impact on digital marketing. Google Panda 4.0 is what you call a real algorithm and not just a refreshing or brushing up of existing data. Google has implemented basic changes to the process in which Panda used to identify different sites. So, this new one is a completely different version of this algorithm altogether.
According to Google, this new update is going to be quite gentle at least for some sites. They have already started doing the groundwork for all future changes in that algorithm. Another startling revelation from Google is that Panda 4.0 has different degree of effect on sites in different languages. Sites in English language have an effect of 7.5% on the search queries.


This time, Google has clubbed the update of Panda 4.0 with Payday Loan. This present updated form of the algorithm is called Payday Loan 2.0. Initially, people came to know about the updates from Search Engine Land and after that Matt Cutts Tweeted to confirm the news.

The last weekend was the weekend of speculations that anticipated a major change in the Google algorithm as reports of major commotion in the SERPs started pouring in. Search marketers and SEOs from across the globe started complaining about major avalanche in the search ranking of their and their clients’ sites. The rumors of algorithm updates were doing the round last week. However Google had kept denying of having any news of it till May the 13th.

Panda 4.0

Thistimethe Google Update is supposed to be a softer one. The discussion was over by March, while the updates were yet to be implemented. This time, the latest Google update is affecting websites in different languages in different manner. The sites in English have a 7.5% per cent affect on queries. The monthly updates of Panda which are more like refreshed data of the main algorithm are different from a major change like what happened on 19th of this month. This is going to have a significant effect on the life of web masters. The list of sites badly hit by the previous Panda update in 2012 is still in hand. The best part is, many of them can see some light at the end of the dark tunnel as they have already found this Update to be a savior for them. If that point is taken into account, the latest update has surely been made keeping the recovery of already Panda hit websites. That is why, it is being said that this new update of Panda 4.0 is quite soft and generous. According to many experts, this lenience has been thought of keeping the already Panda-hit websites.

Payday Loan 2.0

When the Payday Loan algorithm made its first appearance in the month of June last year, people started speculating about a second update of the same algorithm in near future. This particular algorithm was created to sift valuable search queries by separating the most spammy ones. According to a spokesperson of Google, the ultimate aim of this search engine is to guard itself against very excessive amount of web spam. Nowadays, low quality websites an general information often start appearing when queries like ‘accident claims’, ‘insurance’ are made. The simple idea behind the latest Payday Loan is to prevent such low quality content to come up as the search result.

According to the spokesperson of Google, after the smart implementation of Panda and Penguin, the web world is now required to be bothered about a completely new genre of updates series. That particular algorithm is being addressed to as Payday Loan 2.0. This time, even the updating of Payday Loan has also been done on and international ambit. So, the update in different degrees has affected websites in different languages. The English queries have got affected by 0.2% per cent, which is not at all a matter of joke.

This is a very early stage to decide whether this algorithm affected your or your client’s site in a bad manner or not. The effect can be anything between good or bad. However, that is not the right parameter to judge whether the update was right or wrong. After every algorithm updates, there are some winners and losers. Still, the updates need to be there for cleaning the search results and offer the searchers with the best information. Many people will feel the effect of this new update in near future. They should keep sharing their experience with this algorithm that web users all around the world get to be educated about the effects of these new updates.

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