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Commission Junction Review

CJ (Commission Junction) is probably one of the biggest affiliate programs on the internet. They have over 2,400 advertisers that offers a host of options you can select from if you get approved by the company, and it can greatly enhance your marketing. But it's not perfect; let's take a look at them.
CJ Affiliate Program

When you create your account they'll ask you what domain name is the main one you wish to use for them.  They'll take a look at it and you'll be approved based on that, so make sure it's a good and legitimate domain.  After that you can start going through the list of advertisers they have based on type of product you want to promote or just looking through its list in the order they give it to you, which I believe is the order they've signed up advertisers or the amount of money these advertisers will pay you for sales; I've never been able to quite figure it out.

With most of the advertisers you have the option of selecting either links or products.  When you select links, if you end up having multiple websites approved later on you'll want to make sure you select the right one to get the credit you're supposed to get.  You also get the option of using the links in email.  If you select a product, it comes in a format that already includes a "Buy" button, which is pretty neat.  You also get to select whether you want to use HTML or JavaScript; I've found that at a certain point blogs will rebel if you have too much JavaScript, so you probably want to think about HTML more often.

Those are the good things; now for the bad.  Commission Junction is pretty much just a go-between.  Your deal overall is with the advertiser.  Sometimes they don't approve you and they don't have to tell you why.  Sometimes you might make a sale and the advertiser won't pay you.  You'll always have access to an email address when you sign up and it's up to you to try for a resolution first before you contact CJ for assistance.  All they'll do is send one email contact to the affiliate, and if you wait more than 3 days before contacting them again they consider the matter closed & will close the ticket.  That's very frustrating to say the least.  So, I've had to disenroll with some of the disreputable affiliates, and that's disappointing.   But some credit you in less than a day, and that's when you know you're working with someone ethical.

You also get to set the limit you want to be paid at as long as it’s more than $50, and you set up which bank account you want the money to go to.  You'll get paid the month after you reach that limit, but that's not so bad as its how most affiliate programs pay you.

You definitely need to take a look at this affiliate program, but be careful about who you work with.  The big names definitely will treat you better.
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Monday, 30 January 2023
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