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WordPress for Joomla

WordPress Blog for Joomla is a premium "bridge" component that help you to integrate the popular blogging platform WordPress into your Joomla website.

Worpress Blog for Joomla! is developed by CorePHP, one of the most popular Joomla extension developer, that also specialize in WordPress and Drupal extension.

At WebmaisterPro, we've tested an early version of this component a while ago, though we've delayed the review for a while. Practically, blogging with Joomla is possible with native components that offer a great power. If you would like to keep everything within Joomla, please check our EasyBlog review.

Installation is very simple, install the component the same way you install other Joomla components. Upload WordPress in folder and perform famous 5 minute install.

Here is the demo: https://wordpress.corephpdemos.com/

No point to explain the functionality and features of WordPress, simply this is the most popular blogging platform, that is very light, search engine friendly and easy to manage.

Advantages of WordPress for Joomla

  • WordPress is most popular blogging platform

  • Easy integration of existing blog posts (XML import)

  • Tons of plug-ins for WordPress

  • Tons of Themes for WordPress

  • SEF WordPress Links

  • Auto user sync

  • Integration with Joomla categories

Disadvantages of WordPress for Joomla

  • High server load (2 CMS on same hosting)

  • Potential website vulnerability

  • Need to match Joomla and WordPress themes to look alike

  • Potential high load of SPAM (WordPress footprints)

The main advantage, that I haven't listed below is that for most bloggers – blogging start and end with WordPress. Most bloggers do not comment or follow bloggers build with something different that WordPress. Most, but not all.

In general this is decent component that is highly recommended for people that want to keep blogging with WordPress, but have website build in Joomla.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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