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B2J Contact – Free Contact Component for Joomla

If you are looking for contact component for Joomla, you might meet difficulties to discover one that is free. There are many great commercial contact components, though most are a bit pricey, by my opinion.

Our team recently discovered B2J Contact, a free Joomla contact form component with features similar to paid one, so we decided to review it.

Installation process is straight forward, though you need to register at developer website before you can download it. Currently component support Joomla v2.5 and v3.

B2J Contact works almost out of the box and even a newbie can understand how to handle it. Developer support forum also respond very fast on support treads.

It is very lightweight, secure, responsive and easy to setup, the best part is that it is free. There are several options in admin back-end:

  • basic option
  • default fields
  • dynamic fields
  • events
  • security

Technically everything that you need to make a contact page. In conclusion I can say that there are also regular updates, so our team can definitely recommend B2J Contact, we also use it at WebmaisterPro.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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