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BF Auction Plus Review

BF Auction Plus is component for Joomla suitable for running your own auction website within Joomla.

This extension grabbed our attention, first because there are not many auction extensions for Joomla 2.5 and actually extension is even ready to be used on Joomla 3.

We contacted Tamlyn Creative (the developers), asking for a review and we receive response from Tim Plummer in less than an hour with component attached.

Our first impression from BF Auction Plus was easy installation. In addition interface of BF Auction Plus looks very clear and easy to understand. I guess that everybody, even not professionals will be able to handle management. However I would suggest you check official BF Auction Plus documentation and support forum.

Not many things to say, it is just a component that should work out of the box, easy set-up, intuitive interface and good support.
This component is taking full advantage of new SQL server, so for speeding up busy Joomla website this can be an excellent option for busy websites. Component also works quite well with Joomla ACL options, we also test integration with JomSocial based portal and it worked like a charm. There are few minor bugs that can appear on different templates, usually displaced CSS or no LightBox, but these are things that are easy to handle.

One of the best think is the reasonable price for this component, which is 3-4 times lower compared to competition. WebmaisterPro Labs recommend BF Auction Plus.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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