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GoDaddy 4G Shared Hosting

A new kind of shared hosting with lots of options. Prices range from $5.99 to $14.99.

Description of the 4G (4th generation) hosting plans from the GoDaddy site:

4th Generation Hosting (4GH) offers a new level of reliability, performance and security.

Reliability with Dynamic Server Management. 4GH's clustered, multi-server environment gives you the horsepower you need to keep your site operating at peak capacity. Real-time performance management insures that your cluster will grow dynamically with you.

Performance with Dynamic Traffic Management. 4GH's dynamic duo for traffic management – Cisco® load balancing and auto-adjusting bandwidth – keeps your site running smoothly, regardless of traffic spikes.

Load Balancing delivers your traffic to the servers with the most available resources, so your site isn't tied to the limited performance of a single server.

Unlimited, Auto-Adjusting Bandwidth eliminates the overage fees you find with other Web hosts. Your bandwidth automatically increases as you need it, so your site can handle anything that comes its way.

Security with Dynamic Defense Management. Every 4GH site is protected by expert, round-the-clock security. Our Site Defenders team monitors the Internet 24/7, blocking an average of 3.3 million malicious attacks everyday – BEFORE they get to your website.

Like most popular hosting companies, GoDaddy offers all the usual tools of the trade. Easy to use system installations (Joomla!, WP, SMF, Zen Cart, etc).

Plans include many incentives such as $100 in AdWords credits, $50 in Bing/Yahoo search credits, $50 in Facebook credits, and 10 credits for Fotolia.

Ultimate hosting plans ($8.99 to $14.99/month) include Premium DNS, Site Scanner, SSL Certificate and a fixed IP address.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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