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Top Tips For Improving Your E-commerce Site

4 things every e-commerce website can do to make sure their traffic are happy spending cash on their site.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people preferring to do their shopping from the comfort of their ecommerce necessitiescomputer rather than having to drag themselves out to the shops and deal with other shoppers, angry customers and rude shop assistants. As well as the convenience of shopping online you’ve also got the practicality as you can compare competitors in a matter of seconds and even make sure you’re not missing a great price from a retailer you might never have thought of visiting before. It’s much easier to do a quick Google search than it is to traipse across town to another store.

So with so many people choosing to shop online and all the advantages so clear what can you do to make sure it’s your e-commerce site people are spending their cash with?


The great thing about going down the high street is that you know the shops; you recognize those household names or those old family businesses that have been in your town for generations. If a shop is no good you’ll soon know about it because it will have a bad reputation and if they’re that bad it won’t be long before they’re out of business.

An online shop is different; the chances are your sire isn’t quite a household name just yet. It might have a good reputation within your industry but as far as the general public goes they’re going to need some convincing so convince them. The best way to do this is with reviews, if you have happy customers get feed back from them and post it on your site. Encourage your customers to leave a review by offering 10% off their next purchase or a refund on their delivery charges. You could even invite customers to leave video testimonials for that extra air of authenticity.

Make sure it’s secure

In the olden days of the internet people were scared of shopping online, they thought their card numbers and bank details were going to be stolen along with their soul. These days the internet is much safer and regulations regarding what you can and can’t do with card details are very strict but not all your customers are going to know this.

Make it nice and obvious your website is perfectly safe, use security badges or you could even explain to your customers the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. Don’t forget to just keep it in plain English too, tell them your site is safe and secure. Literally you need SSL, this is absolutely mandatory nowadays.

Offer Coupons

No matter what you’re selling the chances are someone else will be selling the same thing or something fairly similar and in most cases it’s going to come down to price. At the same time automatically offering a lower price than your competitor might not be feasible (and in some cases shoppers might be wary if it’s too cheap).

Coupons are a great way to ensure you always win the price war. By having a box at the checkout for customers to enter discount codes, the more tech savvy shoppers will automatically do a quick Google for your name and discount codes. This way you customers feel cleaver they’ve ‘found’ the coupon and they’re not wary of a price that looks too good to be true.

Clear P&P Details

One of the only downsides of shopping online occurs when it comes to the post and packaging. It doesn’t cost you anything if you go down the shops to buy your purchases yourself. Running a website still has its expenses though so offering free post and packaging might not be possible. If you are charging for post and packing keep it simple and don’t hide it away. There’s nothing worse than getting towards the end of a purchase only to find you’re going to be charged and arm and a leg to actually get it.

The easiest way to price your delivery is by order value, if you’re ordering under a certain value it’s a flat fee regardless of weight and size and if you can offer free delivery over a certain value make sure it’s very obvious throughout the shopping process.

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