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HostMonster Review

HostMonster is a hosting company that offers shared hosting at a price slightly above what many other hosting companies will offer, although at the present time there offering a special deal at $5.95. They used to be fairly highly recommended, but lately seem to have fallen out of favor with many people who are reviewing the company and filing complaints.

Where the problem seems to be is that within the last couple of months they've had some serious downtime. And instead of moving some of their accounts over to other servers so that it would be business as usual, not only were the websites of many of their customers down but their own website was down as they put out their own message saying they were having difficulties. That's not the type of thing that engenders a lot of trust and confidence in a major hosting company, and it's not known if this newly priced deal is the result of that or if a price reduction had already been planned.

With that said we have to add that they do offer a lot of amenities. For the cost you get unlimited web hosting space, unlimited gigabytes of site transfer, unlimited email autoresponders and forwarding, unlimited FTP accounts, and a number of other things. The hosting is on Linux servers, which makes things pretty easy. They also offer a number of social media services such as blogs, social networking, both Drupal and Joomla, formmail scripts and services for taking polls. There's a host of other things they offer as well.

Still, with all those things said and done, the problem they had with their servers is definitely trouble. Many people complained that during that period of time customer service was nonexistent which is also a bad sign. Of course every business has a bad day or two, but the way you can tell a quality company is how they handle their problems. I don't have personal experience here, I only know the research, and the research doesn't pan out in their favor. Still, with all the services they offer you might want to take a look just in case they've fixed their issues permanently. But they wouldn't be high on my list of recommendations at this time.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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