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BlueHost Review

Bluehost is another shared hosting company that offers a great deal on hosting costs. Instead of offering multiple packages, they offer one straight package at the price of $6.95, although they're running a deal in September 2011 for $5.95 a month hosting.

Most people who rank Bluehost love the features, and it's hard not to love those. They offer unlimited domain hosting, unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfer and unlimited e-mail accounts. They offer tools to help you build a website if you don't know HTML skills, as well as a blog with multiple platform choices including Wordpress and Drupal. They offer the standard cPanel that a lot of people like. And they offer $75 to get you started on Google Adwords. Those are pretty big deals.

The downsides depend on what you feel your needs are. Some people complain about bad customer service while others love it. Some people complain that they offer some of their services only to U.S. and Canadian consumers. Some people feel their hosting price is still too high, even with all the extras; personally I think the price is fair. And even though they guarantee 99% uptime, some people have said that when there are problems they seem to last longer than what they're used to with other hosts. And of course the free domain they give you is pretty worthless.

I only have one client that uses Bluehost, and I've never had a problem signing on and doing whatever work needs to be done. I personally haven't had to contact support, so I can't vouch for that either way.

Overall it seems to depend on what's important to you, ease of use or full customer service support. The price is comparable to what you can get in other places and some of the options are nice, but it seems like if you're not in North America it might not be the best hosting company for you.

Current offer: Web Hosting $6.95 Per Month / Free Domain

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