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Comindware Project Software - Cutting Edge Technology for Better Business Management

Comindware Project Software - Cutting Edge Technology for Better Business Management



In the fast paced world we live in today, businesses are looking for a single window solution that enables them to manage all aspects of trade operation in a smooth and expedited manner possible. Comindware project is the perfect solution for project management with its excellent collaboration features and executive abilities.

Cutting Edge Technology

This project differs from the rest in the category by its unique approach that makes teams to pool resources within their project, and also beyond, and keeps instant track of the progress just with a single solution. The project planning is highly simplified because of various project management tool types present like Predictive Gantt chart, Work Breakdown Structure, and Automated Priority based planning.


Versatile Features

The project simplifies business operation in many ways with its versatile features like:

  • The user-friendly interface with easy drag and drop feature helps in a skillful and effortless task assigning measure. Prioritization takes front seat with the automated tool present.
  • The Gantt chart feature enables re-scheduling of work to keep tasks up to date and you can know the status of your project anytime with complete details including the milestones and end date of the project.
  • Excellent team work is brought about by boosting employee morale, so the work output remains unimpeded and productive.
  • The outlook integration feature of the software enables easy management of documents, enhanced discussion of projects, all done in a common work environment.
  • The user interface of the project is tweaked consistently by experts in usability, so you will always be working with the most sophisticated and unique user experience systems.

Support Services and Tools Offered

When you buy the software, you get 12 months free subscription to the project package that gives full support for live chat, phone, and email facility. All business issues are solved within 2 hours. Automatic upgrade is also available. At the end of the 12 month period, standard support is continued even if the subscription is not renewed. For users who need to know about various support, sales, pricing, and maintenance related information, the FAQ page is of great help. Further, the software also comes with knowledgebase and getting started guide that is very useful in understanding the installation and use of it. Social media engagement, feedback page, and resources are other support features that come with the project.


The project is available in two versions namely Cloud and On Premise software.  The pricing comes with one time license and subscription. Users also get a free trial for 30 days. You just need to provide the email address of your business, name of the company, and phone number. The signup is done within a minute and the software is available to use. The price of the basic pack starts from $29.99 per month which reduces on addition of more users.

End Words

This project is considered perfect for businesses or individuals who are involved in small and medium sized IT enterprises. Creative and product development, and marketing departments of businesses benefit greatly from this project. The project educates employees on what is team collaboration with its various features, making it a comprehensive and ideal solution to go for.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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