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Manage Multiple Sites Easily and Effectively with CMS Commander

Manage Multiple Sites Easily and Effectively with CMS Commander

The highly functional and easy to use WordPress platform has made it possible for owning multiple sites without a worry these days. With the number of bloggers and online marketers having multiple sites increasing now, an easier way to manage them all is sought for. The key problem with multiple site ownership is that you need to manage them separately when you do the logging in and updating of features like themes and plugins. This can get quite overwhelming and downright difficult too in the long run.

Why CMS Commander?

To make your job easier and cut down on the time and effort you have to put in while managing multiple sites, CMS Commander is an ideal tool. With this tool, you can control all your sites from a single platform with ease. Hassle free management with an increase in efficiency leads to smooth running of websites, which leaves you free to focus on other vital aspects of your online business.

CMS Commander helps to link multiple sites and lets you to manage them all from a single central dashboard that has every possible tool you need for administration. From posting updates to adding or deleting features, you can do numerous tasks just by adding a plugin on every site you own.

Unbelievable Range of Features

CMS Commander has a long list of efficient features. Let us first cover the WordPress management features it is equipped with.

• One click updates facility for themes and plugins

• Easy storage and installation of themes and plugins to as many sites you want

• Management aspects like editing posts, reviewing comments, and bulk creation of user accounts

• Storing graphics and images on a single CMS account and using them on all sites

• Automatic updates of themes and plugins

• Easy single click database optimization


Improved Monetization Features

CMS Commander comes with a highly refined and wide range of monetization features that include auto blogging which helps you earn via affiliate offers and SEO optimized content. The affiliate ads and links are provided by 9 popular content providers and you get over 20 content sources that ply you with images, articles, affiliate products, and videos under a legal and official API.  Besides these features, you can spruce up your old articles, update them in bulk, and optimize them. You can even clone a website in less than 60 seconds with CMS Commander. Importing PLR articles, CSV data feeds, and integration of WP Robot that aids in auto blogging is also possible.

Comprehensive Security

The service covers all important security features like automatic support of all websites that can be set to monthly, weekly or daily backup. Secure SSL connection, integration of Google analytics, 2 factor authentication, statistics about network traffic, and facility to customize plugin to match your brand are some of the key support features provided by CMS Commander.

With a free 30 days trial account, you can test the features provided by CMS Commander. The setup is easy and no payment details are needed. Armed with powerful features, this certainly is the best tool webmasters can have for managing multiple sites.

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