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Understand your social media and manage it with these convenient tools

Who says, social media is a time sink? If properly managed, it can act like an ultimate source of productivity as well as successful user base. People often ask me if there is a shortcut of managing social profiles for awesome follow-ship and great performance of their brand. I am sad to say NO! There is never a shortcut to success pertaining for a long time. But, there are ways, your effort become more productive than traditional ones. I suggest to those anxious, to use, the convenient tools for management of their social profiles and branding pages after understanding them properly.


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Every person has varying needs. Keeping it in my mind, I have tried to compile a list of social media management tools you can use to gain suitable results. Each one is simple to use and always inspire you or your employees to increasing your value in no time. Mind you, they are not shortcuts, but, oriented dose to your humble efforts. Who will not want to grab a motivating and productive tool?


If you love scheduling, then Buffer is the tool you need. It is robust in performance to those who require scheduling of their posts when out of the station, away from the workplace or even enjoying your vacations abroad. You can virtually post on every site you want, at desired time it should. No need of an internet connection too, once set, your post will be published in its suitable social media at the exact time you want. Complete freedom!

The market is full of scheduling tools, but it is hard to find a perfect match. It is the simplistic approach and minimalist design that makes it different from others. Here are the features, you must be aware of:

  • Universal browser integration: No matter what browser you like to operate on, Buffer is a universal tool. With availability of extensions and add-ons for each existing internet browser whether Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera, it is a perfect companion of your social media needs without limitation of a browser.

  • Ability to schedule events: Buffer can help in aggregating interesting content that you come up to share at your social media profiles. It even posts that in suitable time intervals on busy social media hours.

  • Pick up from different sources: Buffer can pick posts from every social profile such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others as well as from the popular apps like Tweetdeck, Pulse news etc.

  • Simplicity with minimalistic: Unlike other tools, you can select a particular time slot for posting your content. Time slots are interesting to schedule your posts


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Can you imagine, all these features are accessible at no cost! Yes, that much simplicity and productivity within a simple tool. Best fit for many.


Sometimes, it becomes hefty to gather important picks from the social media happenings in the form of feeds from Facebook, Twitter and other RSS sites, bombarded to you from every direction. Here comes the savior! LikeHack keeps track of all valuable information and presents it in a crispy way. It makes sure that you never miss any important pick without sinking time in finding slipped posts.

This single app is useful, particularly if you like to accumulate your content from distinct but diverse sources.

Features that make it different from other similar tools are:

  • Single centralized location: one place collection of all news you like

  • Ratings are important: It picks posts in order of importunacy and your interests

  • Clever rating: it feels your flavor, and tastes of news and arrange them in the same preference each time.

  • Historical logging: it saves story you like and share with full textual logging for later reference.

  • Offline working: It is the best feature of LikeHack. You have an option to synchronize news for offline use.


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Easy configuration and offline accessibility of content is the plus point of this app. Next generation user interface and feel is as mature as a premium app. Design wise, it is appealing to the user and takes care that you are never bored when working with this app.


People who are dormant of business knowledge can be benefited by this tool. This is a specialized effort to help small group businesses and organizations to pick their paces in the social media platforms. When going for an online start-up, users aren’t aware of marketing through social media platforms, website’s rich design and other necessities and incur heavy charges for that. The Glyder can help gliding you at the very start through these awesome features:

  • Virtual management of messages: Messages can be created for FB, Twitter or even Pinterest along with contacts of connections such as MailChimps, SalesForce etc.

  • Customized templates: you can now keep all messages entertaining to your audience by using templates that are easy to customize.

  • Every week Update: you can even use Glyder to connect with all customers with customized templates, changing every week so as to keep every communication feel afresh.


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Catering with every thinkable need to a newbie business person, Glyder can effectively cut cost as well as time to organize the content.

DropBox Business

The popular file sharing tool, DropBox, is all heard about. It allows its users a seamless experience of sharing and connecting the information and files. It is considered as the greatest tool for its simplicity and usability.

Salient features of DropBox Business are:

  • Unlimited History keeping for each file you share and its updates.

  • Almost unlimited storage option that increases as per your business demand.

  • Syncing over LAN or Delta, to remove any risk of cloud computing and storage.

  • Easy upgrade feature, that provides easy switch from and to the various DropBox accounts.



For your novelty in this stiff competition from contemporary pro business owners, you might surely think of a supporting tutorial that can help you stand on your toes. Here is Grovo, an ultimate grooming tool for social media responses and providing specific knowledge just like your classroom teacher. Very intuitive lessons and grip over the topics that make it useful to many.

The salient features of Grovo are:

  • Listings of top 100 websites

  • Flexible schedule of tutorial allowing to read as per your convenience

  • Short video lessons: I think this feature of teaching through 1 minute short video has come up after the success of Vimeo

  • Quick and responsive interface with mini quiz facility at end of each chapter

  • Discovery feature is handy in updating all tutorials as per changing practical requirements.


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Invariably, Grovo is not among the social media management tools, But, I have included it in this list because it teaches much about all social sites and other tools which can be productive. The people with new instincts for their businesses can get enough information that they should have before they start-up so as to readily cope up with the changing demands of social media.

End Note

As stated in the beginning, a tool which motivates as well as provides productive results is in complete sense the best as per user experience. I am sure, using the tools mentioned supra, you will never get disengage from your social media followers.

Look, Use and tell us what do you think of these?

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