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The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Streaming

Digital streaming is rapidly becoming the delivery method of choice for various forms of media, from music to movies and a whole lot more. Streaming movies alone has become an enormous industry, with tens of millions of people signing up to services from large companies offering films and programmes that are instantly viewable across a range of devices. A large part of the attraction of streaming movies is that people get to watch what they want and when they want it. It does away with scheduled broadcast services from television companies, whose executives decide what we should view, and when.

digital streamingIt's all about providing more choice, flexibility and control to people, and it's a development that's also being seen in other forms of traditional media, such as newspapers. Editors are losing their control over what kind of news and features people should read about. Consumers are seeking out what they want themselves, on the multitude of internet sites. With the development of advanced Wi-Fi devices that can be plugged into televisions, enabling seamless streaming, and the emerging availability of limitless data packages that are also affordable, it’s a safe bet that streaming movie and programme services are going to rise even further as the consumer uptick continues, posing a potential knock-out blow to TV companies.

Just as popular is digitally streamed music, perhaps even more so. But what sets it apart is that while there are a variety of big-name players, almost every one of them, if not all, are finding it hard to stay in the black, never mind turning a profit. Consumers, it seems, are willing to pay for movies and televisions to be streamed to their devices, but when it comes to songs, they’re singing a different tune. So while streaming music companies have many millions of users, the financial model is different. Many people don’t, and won’t, pay for subscriptions and those who do don’t comprise sufficient numbers to support operations. That means advertising is added to the mix, but even that along with paid subscriptions is often not enough to keep out of the red.

It’s not that people place less value on music than movies; it’s more likely that music is widely available for free right across the internet, much of it downloaded illegally. It’s also a fact that digital music is available in small data packages while movies are huge files that are virtually impossible to download, even if they’re available. But digital streaming of music nonetheless remains vibrant and growing, according to the various firms’ figures sector of this media-delivery system. Just as with movies and programmes that are digitally streamed, it’s about putting choice in consumers’ hands. Who wants a radio DJ to choose what they listen to when they can make their own choices?

With these and other forms of media, it’s becoming clear that it’s not the media that’s changing but the way people consume it, a parallel seen in other, traditional sectors of the industry.

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Monday, 26 September 2022
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