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Google is Right To Penalize Guest Blogging. Don't Blame Google and Matt Cutts

This article represents the truth behind Google actions related to link buying and selling, though guest blogging.

low quality guest blog postOn 20th of March the biggest guest blogging network MyBlogGuest was penalized by Google, but in addition to this, publishers blogs that were members of MyBlogGuest also received Manual Penalties and notices in Google Webmaster Tools.

The news were covered immediately by some of the top SEO portals like SearchEngineRoundtable, SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch, etc... , though none of this article covered in depth of what exactly is going on and why Google took action against guest blogging. This article will do exactly this, to explain the truth about guest blogging!

As owner of one of the biggest blogging networks – WebmaisterPro, I will share what trend I have seen in the last few years and tell you what need to be changed in the mindset of bloggers, ghost writers, link builders and self proclaimed SEO experts. We've also received warning regarding large number of outbound links!

Google is Right To Penalize Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a system that is terribly abused! I will put few bullet points and try to explain every single one. Guest blogging is abused mainly because:

  • low quality guest blog posts/self promotion

  • used for link building only

  • used for link selling

  • fake user profiles

With all due respect to members of WebmaisterPro, from 1000 guest posts at WebmaisterPro, barely can find 20 that doesn't fall into above categories. I will describe in depth what Google mean by this penalties, describing the above bullet points

Low Quality Guest Blog Posts

Majority of guest blog posts are low quality, as the first Google Panda update hit the article directories, guest blogging have become the main source of content distribution and link building. Most articles are written just for the sake of content, without research, without images, without references to official sources.

Many times guest blog post are just related to self promotion, lookalike press releases.

Guest Posts Used Mainly for Link Building

Self promotion, links in body text of the article. Often “smart” SEO try to link 2-3 “self proclaimed” sources which are actually websites/blogs part of link building network.

Link Selling through Guest Blogging

Usually abused by link builders and ghost writers – they pick a larger list of authority websites or blogs that accept guest posts. Link are sold to 3rd parties.

I have personally seen few members at WebmaisterPro, that have submitted guest posts targeting different links in body text in every different article and submit posts on regular basis. Often the names are fake, so we go to the next point...

Fake Profiles

In addition to links from blog posts, often guest writers abuse the system creating multiple accounts. Many websites that offer member profile features offer listing social media profile links and links to website. This system is abused too.

DON'T Blame Google and Matt Cutts!

Google have the full right to put warnings, manual penalties and actions against both publishers and “advertisers”. It is fault of both parties, those that write the articles and those that accept the articles. Guest blogging is abused in many ways, period. Everybody knows that, but nobody wants to admit it!


  • don't have any value
  • aren't engaging
  • self promoting
  • etc...

Well, the same thing happened to article directories few years ago, for the exact same reasons!

I have to admit that rules at WebmaisterPro have been very friendly – regarding accepting articles from members and about approval times, during our startup phase.

If you want to submit guest post, look at the above bullet points, if the purpose of article falls into some of these titles, don't even try!

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