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Blogging Contest Number 2

Blogging Contest at WebmaisterProHappy to announce WebmaisterPro's “2nd Blogging Contest”!

Starting date 21st of March 2014 and we will accept blog entries until 21st of April 2014.

The winner will be announce on 24th of April 2014.

Every member of WebmaisterPro can participate in this blogging contest. If you are not a member yet, you can create new account here  or you can simply login with Facebook, Twitter or Google account credentials (top right hand side).

Blogging Contest Rules

Rules are simple to follow:

  1. Create account (if you don't have yet)

  2. Submit article for approval at our webmaster's blog

  3. Promote your article (social media, your blog/website, etc...)

Everybody can participate with unlimited number of blog posts (entries) submitted between 21st of March and 21st of April 2014.

The winning article will be the:

  • Article with highest number of visits

  • Most Facebook likes, retweets, pins or G+

For this contest we will introduce new rating system:

  • Number of visits equals to number of points

  • Every G+, Facebook Likes, Pins and Tweets counts as 2

Example: Article receives 2000 visits, 2 G+, 5 FB likes, 20 Re-tweets and 2 Pins got 2058 points.

Of course number of likes and retweets definitely will bring more visits to the article and respectively more points.

Winner's Prize

Only One Winner! And the winner gets:

  • 1 year fully managed premium Linux based cPanel web hosting account provided by WebmaisterPro social network at value of $83.

  • Sitewide banner ad on WebmaisterPro for 1 full month

 We will keep you updated, as more prizes may be added to our price pool, if there are other sponsors.

Good luck to all participants at our Blogging Contest #2

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